Meet the Cast Members of Too Hot to Handle Season 4 on Netflix: Ages and Instagram of All of the Contestants!

Too Hot to Handle Season 4 has finally arrived on Netflix and everyone is curious to know about its cast members. In the new season, we see 10 attractive single individuals seeking their love without getting involved in any sexual activities. Here’s the list of the cast members with their ages and Instagram handle.

Based on Larry David and Jerry Seinfield‘s The Contes from Seinfield, Netflix‘s Too Hot to Handle is a reality dating game show created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett. It brings together a group of single and attractive adults for a few weeks under the same roof, but they are not allowed to kiss, have sexual contact, or indulge in self-gratification. If any of the contestants violate the rule, the monetary cash prize is significantly reduced. The show has now returned for its fourth season.

But Season 4 of Too Hot to Handle has a twist: ten contestants are made to believe they are on Mario Lopez‘s Wild Love, a program with a similar name. Much to everyone’s surprise, Lana takes over, and it is later revealed that they are in the popular show’s fourth season.

Meet the Cast of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle Season 4: Find Their Ages and Instagram Handle!

Too Hot to Handle has returned for its fourth season on Netflix, which means viewers can expect plenty of revelries this holiday season. The new season features ten new singletons who all believe they’re auditioning for a dating show called Wild Love, which will be voiced by Desiree Burch, and hosted by Saved By the Bell heartthrob Mario Lopez (@mariolopez).

Since the show is already available on the streaming platform, we get to see ten singletons are whisked away to a luxurious Caribbean villa to take part in the reality series in which people attempt to fall in love faster and more intensely than ever before… all while abstaining from any form of sexual contact. Here are the new contestants for Season 4 of Too Hot to Handle.

Nick Kici

Nick Kici (@nickkici) is one of the cast members of Too Hot to Handle season 4. Nick is a 28-year-old artist from Michigan who, according to Netflix, “always knew he was destined for more.” Nick, an avid traveler who has visited countries ranging from the Philippines to Australia, is said to have a habit of “dating girls in every country he visits.” Nick describes himself on Instagram as “a little sunshine and a lot of rain.”

Kayla Richart

Kayla Richart (@kaylarichart) is another cast member of the show. Based in Los Angeles Kayla is a model who is 22 years old. Kayla is “never short of attention and will have no problem treading on toes if she fancies someone,” according to a Netflix press release. “My friends say my intuition is never wrong, I think that’s my biggest flex,” she says of her performance on Too Hot to Handle

Seb Melrose

Seb Melrose (@sebmelrose) is another cast member of Too Hot to Handle season 4. Seb is a racing car driver, which is sure to pique the interest of Too Hot to Handle viewers. According to a press release, the 24-year-old from Glasgow, Scotland, “lives life in the fast lane and is used to giving girls the boot the morning after the night before.” Brutal! In addition, he is the co-founder of a natural supplement company.

Jawahir Khalifa

Jawahir Khalifa (@jawahirkhalifa) is another cast member who is a professional model from the Dutch city of Amsterdam. According to a press release, the 22-year-old has only ever been in one relationship and “isn’t used to having her advances curtailed by anyone.” She previously worked with Chopard, as evidenced by her Instagram, and Too Hot to Handle will certainly put her in the spotlight.

Creed McKinnon

Creed McKinnon (@creedmckinnon) is a 24-year-old Australian entrepreneur described as “anything but a typical bad boy.” He’s apparently used to “DMing and ditching a plethora of girls without being held accountable,” which means he’ll be in hot water on Too Hot to Handle. “I have the Aussie flair with my Prince Charming hair,” he says on Instagram.

Sophie Stonehouse

Sophie Stonehouse ((@sophiestonehouse), who is from Brighton in the United Kingdom, “has had one long-term relationship that has put her off committing to anyone else,” according to a press release. “If all else fails, at least I laugh at my own jokes,” the 22-year-old event manager says on Instagram.

Nigel Jones

Nigel Jones (@nigeleuro_ ) is another cast member of Too Hot to Handle season 4. Nigel is a New Jersey-based entrepreneur, personal trainer, and model. According to a press release, he is “the ultimate smooth talker” with “charm, epic one-liners, and a magnetic aura.” The 29-year-motto old’s is “keep the fun rolling,” which means he’ll be entertaining to watch on Too Hot to Handle.

Brittan Byrd

Brittan Byrd (@brittan_byrd) is another cast member of Too Hot to Handle season 4 who is someone to look out for. “My own vision defines me,” Brittan says on Instagram. According to Netflix, the 22-year-old model is “a true daddy’s girl at heart.” And when she isn’t at the beach, you can probably find her working out.

Dominique Defoe

Dominique Defoe (@dominiquedefoe) is another cast member of Too Hot to Handle season 4. Dominique, a 23-year-old computer science student from Colorado, has a massive TikTok following. Dominique enjoys tarot cards in addition to her studies, and she has an Instagram account dedicated to her storytelling. Dominique’s Instagram profile teases, “My friends say I’m somewhere between a daydream and a nightmare when it comes to Too Hot to Handle.”

James Pendergrass

James Pendergrass (@jamespendergrass_) is another cast member of the show who is a personal trainer from Hawaii. The 23-year-old is described as a “party-loving, funny, and irresistibly charming basketball player” in an official press release, and he’s a big fan of PB&J on his Instagram profile. You can find him on TikTok if you like watching hot people work out.

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