Tyler Rake from Extraction is Like The Old Guard Immortals - Here's Why!

Jul 11, 2020 @ 16:59 GMT-0500
Tyler Rake from Extraction is Like The Old Guard Immortals - Here's Why!

The ending of the Extraction was a much talked about topic on the internet, whether it was on Google or Reddit. (Spoilers for Extraction) People wanted to know, who was the shadowy figure standing 30 meters away from Ovi’s pool during the final shot? Well, a sequel for Extraction is coming, so it is obviously Tyler Rake who came back from being shot multiple times and falling to his death from a bridge. But what if he cannot die, like the immortals in The Old Guard, which would make for a nice tie-in between the two massive Netflix franchises.

Tyler Rake being immortal would make a lot of sense and make the amount of punishment he took in the movie palatable. But there is also a need to suspend our beliefs for some action movies; still, we all can agree Tyler died by the end of Extraction. So, how is he able to stand near Ovi’s pool, eight months after the battle on the Dhaka bridge. The simplest answer and particularly more fun answer is he is like the immortals from The Old Guard. Here are two scenarios of how that might work.

The Old Guard follows a group of immortal mercenaries, but is Tyler Rake a part of the group?The Old Guard follows a group of immortal mercenaries, but is Tyler Rake a part of the group?
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People who have seen The Old Guard will say that immortals in the new Netflix movie can see one another in their dreams until they meet one another. Okay, that is a little problematic detail for our little theory, if they can see one another in their dreams and Nicky can draw their exact likeness and the moment of their demise, then why have they not found Tyler Rake. Okay, here are a few scenarios; we hope, will plug some holes in our own theories.

Scenario 1 – The Easiest Explanation is Tyler Rake became Immortal After His Fall

To know if you are an immortal, a person needs to die, that is what we were told in The Old Guard. Nile Freeman’s throat got cut, and she bled to death, which resulted in her being outed as an immortal to the group of mercenaries led by Andy. Every member of the team explained the moment they died and how Andy found them, so, the reason Tyler is not known to the team is probably that he only “died” recently.

The theory we are working with is Tyler plunged to his death into the river after the bridge fight and woke up someplace else, no scratch on his body and living again. Before the fighting began, we did see some scars on Tyler’s body from his years of SASR, and Black Ops work, and an immortal has no scars on their body because they heal quickly. So, the first scenario for our theory is Tyler died in the river, and he woke up an immortal.

The Old Guard does not specify the timeline it is set in, neither does Extraction, but Netflix’s close release dates probably mean the events in the two movies were taking place simultaneously. So, if Extraction happened after The Old Guard, Andy and the team are only finding the new immortal now. With Quynh returning in The Old Guard 2, possibly to get her revenge on Andy, they are going to need another body to throw at, what could be a crazy immortal.

Scenario 2 – Tyler Rake Lost His Immortality and was Actively Looking to Die

Tyler Rake lost his immortality and is looking to die doing his job.Tyler Rake lost his immortality and is looking to die doing his job.
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The first shot of Tyler Rake in Extraction was as an alcoholic with no regard for his own life. As the movie went along, we realized that he was actively looking to die because he lost his son. It was also the reason why he did not let Ovi go when criminals were coming after him. They formed a real bond over the limited time the two were together, but it all stemmed from Tyler’s broken relationship from his son.

It was the same thing in The Old Guard where the immortals longed to die because everyone they loved, their family members were dead. Well, Joe and Nicky were doing fine, but everyone else was miserable thinking they are going to live forever. What if Tyler was also feeling the same thing, losing a son can be hard, and after a long time, he probably got close to someone, only to not be there when his son died.

Also, as mentioned above, there were scars on his body, which means he was not healing. Here comes our theory concerning the loss of immortality, as it was the case for Andy by the end of The Old Guard. Maybe Tyler was an immortal who lost his powers to come back and losing his son probably made him want to die also.

Now, some may like to talk about how Andy’s team talked about all the people who died after being immortal for a while, and the remaining people were the only people left behind. Well, what if Tyler left the crew, he was not dead, so there was no reason for the team to tell the newest member, Nile, about an immortal that lost his powers and left the group.

All of this is just theory, and we are just having fun with the ending of Extraction and the idea of immortal mercenaries in The Old Guard. It would, however, be nice to see Netflix trying to create a franchise involving different action movie characters from their original flicks. It will most likely never happen, but we can hope and theorize as fans until the point that Netflix releases The Old Guard 2 and Extraction sequel.

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