Tynesha Brooks From South Carolina: Why Did She Kidnap Her Own Daughter, Amirah Watson?

At the time of Amirah Watson’s disappearance, Tynesha Brooks resided alone in Richland County, South Carolina, and led a quiet life. Later, she was found hiding in a relative’s home in Atlanta, Georgia with her daughter. Furthermore, Tynesha was then arrested and charged with failing to return a child within 72 hours of a custody order.

Netflix‘s Missing: Dead or Alive? is a four-part docu-series set in Columbia, South Carolina, that focuses on missing person cases recounted from the perspective of investigating officers. Each episode focuses on a separate case as police investigate the disappearances of people.

Despite the fact that each chapter focuses on a different case, all but the finale examine the resolution in the subsequent episode. The following episode looks at the search for 10-year-old Amirah Watson, who went missing with her mother after a weekend visit. According to Netflix, a family history of custody battles leaves officers unsure of whom to trust.

When Amirah Watson arrived at her mother Tynesha Brooks‘ house on January 31, 2020, she had no idea what awaited her. Despite the fact that the latter intended to return the 10-year-old to her father a few days later, the mother chose to take her child and flee, breaching court orders. The Netflix documentary captures the horrible tragedy and follows the inquiry that eventually led to Amirah’s safe rescue. So, if you’re curious about the case and want to know where Tynesha is right now, we’ve got you covered.

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Tynesha Brooks, Who Resided in South Carolina, Kidnapped Her Own Daughter, Amirah Watson, and Took Her to Live With Her Relatives in Atlanta!

When Tynesha Brooks first met Mansoor Watson, she thought he was the guy of her dreams. Despite the fact that they shared a child, Amirah, their relationship quickly deteriorated, and separation was the only answer. Following that, the two were involved in a lengthy custody fight until the judge finally granted Mansoor primary custody of the child. On the other side, Tynesha enjoyed visitation rights and was even permitted to spend a few days with her kid on occasion.

Tynesha Brooks was living alone in Richland County, South Carolina, at the time of Amirah’s kidnapping, and maintained a tranquil life. People who knew her said she stayed primarily to herself, though she enjoyed spending time with her kid. Nothing seemed out of the norm, and no one could have foreseen Tynesha’s evil plan to take her child. She drove to a shared meeting spot in Dillon County, South Carolina, on January 31, 2020, and met Mansoor and Amirah.

It was Tynesha Brooks who kidnapped her own daughter, Amirah.It was Tynesha Brooks who kidnapped her own daughter, Amirah.
Image Source: The Cinemaholic

According to sources, the 10-year-old was supposed to stay with her mother for two days before being returned to her father on February 2. As a result, Mansoor handed over their daughter without hesitation before coming home. However, on February 2, he was unable to reach Tynesha over the phone. On top of that, there was no evidence of the young child, and officers who went to her mother’s residence in Richland County discovered it to be empty.

The Dillon County Sheriff’s Office waited 72 hours after the police began their rescue attempts before issuing a warrant for Tynesha Brooks on the charges of failing to surrender a child within 72 hours of a custody order. Meanwhile, authorities called Tynesha’s sister, Jackie McKee, who first denied knowledge of the incident. Nonetheless, she approached cops shortly after and said that Mansoor was aggressive to Tynesha, prompting her to flee with her child. Nonetheless, he adamantly denied such claims, and the police increased their search efforts.

After a little more than a month had passed since Tynesha Brooks and her daughter had been taken, the authorities eventually learned that they had been hiding in a relative’s home in Atlanta, Georgia. A team of officers was promptly summoned to the scene, but the detectives were instructed to remain subtle in order to prevent Tynesha from fleeing. As a result, when officials entered the house, they discovered Amirah, who appeared to be fully safe and sound. Tynesha, her mother, was also present, and investigators took her into custody before giving over the 10-year-old to her father.

Tynesha Brooks with her ex-husband, Mansoor Watson, and daughter, Amirah.Tynesha Brooks with her ex-husband, Mansoor Watson, and daughter, Amirah.
Image Source: WLTX

Tynesha Brooks was arrested and extradited to Dillon County, where she was charged with failing to return a child within 72 hours of a custody order. However, with no word on whether she was convicted or acquitted, she appears to be awaiting her day in court. Meanwhile, Tynesha has even embraced privacy, despite the fact that she appears to still reside in South Carolina.