Venus Raj Is Finnally Married to Her Boyfriend (Husband) – Venus Raj married her non-showbiz boyfriend, North Orillan, on December 12, 2023. Previously, she was in a relationship with a Filipino actor named Andrei Felix, but she broke up with her boyfriend because she was getting away from her family. After breaking up with Andrei, she was single for eight years but people think that she started dating North in early 2022.

Maria Venus Bayonito Raj-Orillan, better known as Venus Raj, is a Filipino actress, model, and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2010. She started gaining fame and represented the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2010 pageant, where she placed 4th runner-up. She has been in the news since early December 2023, after the news of her getting married started flooding all over the internet.

Venus wedding pictures and videos have been floating all over the internet, and people seem very curious to know about their love story. Venus has posted a video and picture of her wedding with her long-term boyfriend. The video was captured by Wishing Well Flims, and she has mentioned every helping hand of her wedding in her videos.

After watching the Venus video clip, people seem to be curious to know about her wedding details and boyfriends. In this article, we will be talking about her dating history, her boyfriend in detail, and her wedding. To learn more about her husband, read this article.

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Venus Raj Got Married to a Non-showbiz Boyfriend!

Venus Raj (@onlyvenusraj) married her non-showbiz boyfriend, North Orillan, in 2023. Popele is guessing that they started knowing each other in 2022. After breaking up with ex-boyfriend Andrei Felix, she was single for eight years. She seems to be very happy with North, and her fans want to know more than just his name.

Venus Raj has been very private about her life since 2013. Recently, she talked about her love life on December 10, when she announced her wedding to her boyfriend through her Instagram account. While some people believe that she got engaged to her boyfriend whom she met in early 2022, others think that it was an arranged marriage.

Venus Raj got married on December 12, 2023. celebsindepth.comVenus Raj got married on December 12, 2023.
Source: Instagram

Talking about Raj’s post, she mentioned that she was single for eight years, so it might be a change that they have been dating since 2023.  She also mentioned that she asked Jesus to protect her heart and to keep it until the right man came as she stated;

In a few days, I will be spending the rest of my life with this man of God that my Father has brought me to. My prayer is that, together, we will journey towards God’s will in fulfilling His purpose for our union. We pray to glorify and honor Him in our lives. We have a future ahead of us, it will not be perfect, but God is the anchor that will keep secure.

Who Is Venus Raj’s Ex-boyfriend? When Did She Get Separated From Him?

As Venus Raj mentioned in the post, she was single for eight years. For eight years, she has fully surrendered her life to Jesus; she has never entered into a romantic relationship. Reading the caption, people are curious about who made her regret being in a relationship before. Well, she has not clearly mentioned the name of her ex-boyfriend, but she might be talking about Andrei Felix.

Venus Raj's ex-boyfriend's name is Andrei Felix. celebsindepth.comVenus Raj’s ex-boyfriend’s name is Andrei Felix.
Source: Instagram

Andrei and Venus were in a relationship for one year, but they broke up in 2013. After getting broken up with her ex-boyfriend, Venus stated the reason and mentioned that choosing Andrei led to months of being away from her family. She decided to give up after she realized she wanted to return to her family, and she had to choose one of them, as she said;

So many people were hurt. Many people felt sorry, especially my family. We got to the point where we were fighting each other. It got to the point that my siblings made me choose between them or him. I chose him more. My brothers and I didn’t talk for a few months. I missed my family there.

Meet Andrei Felix, Her Ex-boyfriend, and Her Husband

Andrei Felix is a Filipino actor and television host who is known for his roles in the 2010 movie Love Is Only in the Movies. He is currently in a relationship with sports reporter Pauline Verzosa with whom he got engaged in 2022. He often shares pictures with his fiance and they look very happy with each other.

Venus Raj is married to a guy named North Orillan, who is not a familiar face on TV. There is very little information about Venus’s husband, but it looks like the couple is very happy and both follow  Cirtsinaity. During a wedding, Venus was wearing a long white gown while her husband was wearing a silver-colored suit.