Warrior Nun Cast, Release Date, Plot Details, Trailer, and Source Material – Learn all the Details About the Netflix Series

Leave it up to Netflix when it comes to delivering wonky, really out there, pieces of entertainment. A scroll through the app’s landing page will show you the level of ridiculous content, which would not have worked on any other television network, thriving on the streaming platform. Now, Netflix is adding another questionably fun looking series to their library called Warrior Nun.

Warrior Nun Cast – Who is in the Netflix Series?

Warrior Nun cast features an all woman ensemble battling the forces of evil.Warrior Nun cast features an all woman ensemble battling the forces of evil.
Source: Alba Baptista Instagram

Warrior Nun cast is led by Portuguese actress Alba Baptista who plays Ava in the Netflix series. Ava was a 19-year-old orphan who arrives at the Church as a dead person, only to be resurrected by the Halo. She is chosen as one of the Warrior Nun, also being the holder of the Halo means she is the champion of god against forces of evil. After finding the secret society, Ava feels free from her abusive orphanage past, which leads her to make mistakes.

Ava is backed by her Sister Nuns Shotgun Mary, played by Toya Turner, Sister Lilith, played by Lorena Andrea, Young Sister Beatrice, played by Kristina Tonteri-Young, and Camila, played by Olivia Delcan. They are also supported by Father Vincent, played by Tristan Ulloa, and Mother Superion, played by Sylvia De Fanti.

Shotgun Mary does not care about the Church, she is devoted to the sisterhood, and that is where her loyalty ends. Sister Lilith is a legacy Sister Nun; her prominent family gives her an air of entitlement, which does not go down well with other sisters. Young Sister Beatrice is all about strategy and clear vision, who does not take nonsense from anyone. Camila is the heart of the group, she does not understand what she does, but sisterhood is all that matters to her.

Ava is the leader of the Sister Nuns, but Warrior Nuns are overseen by Father Vincent. He is a reformed man who left behind his past to take on the collar and become the spiritual leader of the nuns. Then, there is Mother Superion, she trains the Nuns, and even without much power, she is the one who runs the whole place, and everyone is afraid of her.

Thekla Reuten plays the villain, Jillian Salvius; she is the CEO of a tech company going against the Vatican by showing the other side. Emilio Sakraya also appears in the show as JC, a wild card, who has hopes of becoming someone great but hindered by his choices in life.

Warrior Nun Plot Details – Learn the Story Behind the Series

Warrior Nun follows a group of Nuns who are tasked with fighting the unholy creatures of Hell and preventing the rise of Hell and Heaven’s fall. To this end, a 19-year-old recently deceased Ava is revived by the use of an ancient artifact known as the Halo. The Halo embeds itself in the back of Ava, and she becomes the instrument of Heaven in their battle against Hell and other people who seek to harm the order.

The rise of a tech company, trying to make Vatican and Heaven inconsequential, causes problems for the Sisters who find an increasing number of dead creatures wreaking havoc. The main story of the series is about the Sisters’ fight against evil and their journey to secure both Heaven and earth.

Warrior Nun Release Date

Warrior Nun is releasing on 2 July 2020 only on Netflix.Warrior Nun is releasing on 2 July 2020 only on Netflix.
Source: IMDb

The coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of problems for all the industries. Film and TV shooting was shut down after March, and many shows and movies had to shift dates because of new laws put in play to protect the general public. Netflix also changed some dates to its unfinished shows, but there has been a steady stream of new shows and movies coming to Netflix this summer. Warrior Nun is releasing on Netflix, worldwide, on 2 July 2020.

Warrior Nun Trailer – Is There a Trailer for the Series?


The first batch of promotional materials for Warrior Nun was released on 17 June 2020. Most of the cast members of the show posted character posters on their Instagram, and other social media accounts and the official Netflix YouTube page made public the first trailer for Warrior Nun on the same day. You can watch the action-packed and weird first trailer for the new Netflix series on YouTube; it has close to two million views and 50,000 likes.

Warrior Nun Source Material – The Series was Inspired by the Comics of the Same Name

Warrior Nun Netflix series is based on the comic book series Warrior Nun Areala.Warrior Nun Netflix series is based on the comic book series Warrior Nun Areala.
Source: IMDb

Netflix series Warrior Nun is inspired by the comics Warrior Nun Areala. The comic was created by Ben Dunn with the comic following Sister Shannon Masters, who is the best and the brightest of the Sister Nuns. She is the carrier of the name Areala, a warrior for the Church who renounced paganism for Catholicism.

The series and the comic book differ in multiple ways as the show is only inspired by the source material. Simon Barry created the show, and he is putting his own spin on the comic source. We will need to see the show to ascertain how it differs from the original comic book source.

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