Was Lee Sun-kyun Gay?

celebsindepth.com – There’s a rumor circulating on the Internet that Lee Sun-kyun was gay. Well, he wasn’t. He was straight as he was married to his long-term girlfriend, Jeon Hye-jin, since 2009. They even gave birth to two children together.

The news of Lee Sun-kyun‘s death on December 27, 2023, has recently numbed many admirers. In case you are unaware, he was a South Korean actor most known for his performance in the Academy Award-winning film, Parasite, which garnered him and his co-stars a Screen Actors Guild Award. He also got several other honors, including an International Emmy nomination.

However, as his fame grew, Lee Sun-kyun faced a barrage of criticism, especially regarding his sexuality. Many fans suspect she was gay in real life. So, if you’re curious to find the truth about his actual sexuality, we got you covered.

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Lee Sun-Kyun Was Not Gay: The Parasite Actor Was Straight by Sexuality!

No, Lee Sun-kyun was not gay. The rumors about his sexuality are untrue. If you are not aware, he was married to South Korean actress, Jeon Hye-jin, and has two boys together. He married his seven-year girlfriend-turn-wife on May 23, 2009. According to their agency, their first boy was born on November 25, 2009. Later, the couple’s second son was born on August 9, 2011.

Lee Sun-kyun was straight, not gay. celebsindepth.comLee Sun-kyun was straight, not gay.
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As we know, Lee was arrested in October 2023 for an internal inquiry into potential drug use. As a result, he willingly walked out of No Way Out, a planned thriller drama series that had only begun filming days before the disclosure of his suspected drug use. According to the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency, he was charged on October 24 on suspicion of using cannabis and psychotropic narcotics and was summoned for questioning on the 28th.

Lee Sun-kyun was also issued a travel ban to prevent him from leaving the country while the inquiry was ongoing. Initial drug testing findings on his hair samples found that he tested negative for narcotics, and more examinations were planned for November 2023.

Following drug allegations, allegations against Lee surfaced online, generating a firestorm of controversy. Pictures from a Parasite after-party with Lee and co-star Cho Yeo Jeong (@lightyears81) went viral, generating quite a commotion. The photos showed the two in what appeared to be a warm embrace. Netizens, on the other hand, accused Lee of infidelity, condemning his behaviors as unacceptable for a married man.

The online society’s criticism grew harsher, with angry comments labeling Lee Sun-kyun’s behavior as filthy and unacceptable. Some people were outraged, labeling him a cheater and using the hug as proof of an illicit connection. The charges grew in popularity, and harsh comments swamped numerous internet channels.

The public attention prompted significant scrutiny of his actions, with many condemning the apparent behavior as inappropriate for a married person. The event sparked debate regarding inferences made from casual exchanges and invasions of privacy.

Lee Sun-kyun Was Found Dead in a Car on December 27th, 2023!

Lee Sun-kyun, the celebrated South Korean actor best remembered for his part in the award-winning film, Parasite, was found dead in a car in Seoul on December 27th, 2023. The terrible finding was discovered after an intensive police probe regarding the actor’s alleged drug use.

He was discovered unconscious inside a parked vehicle on a street in northern Seoul by police. According to Seoul’s Seongbuk police station, despite urgent medical assistance from emergency personnel, it was eventually confirmed that he had died.

Lee Sun-Kyun allegedly left a suicide note to his wife, Tan Hye-jin, before his death. celebsindepth.comLee Sun-Kyun allegedly left a suicide note to his wife, Tan Hye-jin, before his death.
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Lee Sun-kyun had been reported missing by his family before he was found, prompting an extended police search. However, authorities have not published any other information about his death, including whether it was ruled to be a suicide. Nonetheless, South Korean media outlets, including Yonhap, said that his family contacted authorities earlier in the day about a statement that resembled a suicide note written by the actor.

According to the sources, the contents of the note reflected Lee’s emotions of powerlessness, with a message intended at his wife, Tan Hye-jin, declaring, “There is no other way.” The statement also added an apology to his management agency, claiming significant financial penalties relating to ads and films. These penalties could total billions of South Korean won, or about HK$60.3 million.

Earlier that day, Lee’s wife had reported to authorities that he had left home after leaving a note that sounded like a suicide note. She reported her concerns to officials, noting that she had been unable to reach her husband since that day.

In response to her report, police were called in and found a vehicle in Seoul’s Jongno district’s Wolhwa Park around 10.30 a.m. They discovered an unconscious individual inside the truck, as well as traces of combustible materials. Following confirmation, the person who passed away was identified as Lee Sun-kyun.