What Happens at the End of Manifest Season 4 Part 2? Ending Explained!

At the end of Manifest Season 4 Part 2, the passengers are brought back to Flight 828, which reappears from the rumbling where Cal united his sapphire powers with the Ark. Following takeoff, the passengers face the final test as several passengers begin to combust and turn to ash.

When the first season of Manifest premiered on NBC in 2018, it appeared to be yet another LOST clone: an ensemble drama centered on a missing flight and enigmatic, unexplained occurrences. But, thanks to some compelling, increasingly bizarre storytelling, the drama series quickly gained an audience, and it ran for three seasons before being canceled by NBC due to a fall in viewership. Later, Netflix took over the show.

However, the series’ final episode wrapped up the tale of the passengers of Flight 828 and their battle against the Death Date. Everything the characters have done since their return in 2018 culminated in the Manifest season 4 part 2 finale, which saw dozens of passengers pay consequences for their misdeeds.

The day that Ben, Michaela, Saanvi, and the others had been looking forward to since the conclusion of season one finally arrived in the finale. Every surviving passenger reunited on June 2, 2023, for a moment that defined the fate of the globe. Following a succession of tragedies and shocking revelations, the characters finally had their happy ending, albeit in an unexpected fashion. Here’s a rundown of all the major events in Manifest Season 4 Part 2’s ending.

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Manifest Season 4 Part 2 Ending Explained!

Ultimately, in the Manifest season 4part 2 end, the travelers are directed to Flight 828, including Angelica, which resurfaces from the melee where Cal combined his sapphire powers with the Ark. In the process, he sacrifices himself.

The plane suddenly rises from the ground, and the passengers begin to board, led by Ben and Michaela. When Angelina and her ‘picked eight’ arrive, they insist on being the only ones spared. Ben then holds a revolver to her head, thinking about his chance to kill his wife’s murderer before shoving Angelina into the plane with the other passengers.

The passengers are brought back to Flight 828 at the end of Manifest Season 4 Part 2. celebsindepth.comThe passengers are brought back to Flight 828 at the end of Manifest Season 4 Part 2.
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Just as the jet takes off, the world begins to burn, and the passengers are condemned by a greater force for their transgressions. As the trial begins, Angelina’s acquaintances burn to ash, considered unworthy of salvation, and Saanvi’s skin begins to break. She tells Ben that she killed someone and deserves to die and that she can only be saved if she confesses her faults.

Adrian‘s skin begins to fracture, prompting Eagan to sacrifice himself instead. But when Adrian informs the higher power that performing something like that is the most selfless thing a person can do, something he would never do, he saves both Eagen and himself by proving that those who commit terrible acts aren’t necessarily evil.

Angelina is then reduced to ash as a result of her misdeeds. The remaining characters feel they are now secure from the wrath of the greater power, but this is not the case. The evil spirit then emerges from the ashes to become an Archangel. As a result, the group joins hands and travels in its direction, with Ben and Michaela shouting out all of the good deeds done by the remaining 828 passengers. It vanishes, and the plane lands safely.

The unworthy passengers go missing at the end. celebsindepth.comThe unworthy passengers go missing at the end.
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When the jet door finally opens, the passengers arrive in New York on April 7, 2013. Yes, the precise date and hour the plane was supposed to land the first time. Ben is reunited with Grace and his two children, and Michaela finds Jared waiting for her at the terminal because the rest of the world is unaware of what has happened. She gets into Zeke’s taxi after confronting him about their differing desires (and the fact that he should be with her friend Drea). The travelers who were considered unworthy by a higher power have gone missing.

Will Manifest Return for a Fifth Season?

Unfortunately, Netflix has not renewed Manifest for a fifth season, and Season 4 was mostly intended to wrap up all of the show’s numerous plot lines. The series creator, Jeff Rake, stated when the news of the switch to Netflix was initially revealed:

Never in my wildest dreams could I have envisioned the worldwide outpouring of love and support for this story, its characters, and the team who work so hard to bring it all to life. That we will be able to reward the fans with the ending they deserve moves me to no end.