Why Did Jack Messina Leave Manifest? The Actual Reason!

Jack Messina left the show manifest, because of his age. The showrunners and writer chose to give back the five years that the character of Cal Stone lost after boarding Flight 828. That means the role of Cal Stone has matured.

As the Death Date approaches, the 191 passengers of Flight 828’s journey come to an end in the final season of Netflix‘s Manifest. It all began with the flight’s enigmatic 2013 disappearance, which was followed by its strange reappearance five and a half years later. All of the passengers set out on their respective journeys for the next five and a half years, making decisions of their own, both good and bad. But ultimately, they are held accountable for all of their deeds.

The experiences of the people whose lives are changed by their inexplicable five-and-a-half-year disappearances are followed in Netflix’s Manifest. Michaela Stone had her boyfriend, Jared, waiting for her response on whether or not to propose marriage before boarding Flight 828. He will have married someone else by the time she returns with an answer.

Netflix’s ‘Manifest cast includes Jack Messina as Cal Stone, a teen actor. Fans have not seen him in recent episodes, so apparently he did leave. So now, fans have wondered the reason behind him leaving the show. So why did Jack Messina leave manifest? Let us get into detail.

As Jack Messina’s Character Cal Stone Matured, He Left the Manifest!

Fans of Jack Messina (@jackjmessina) are aware that he left Manifest after three seasons of service as a series regular. The actor had left the Netflix series when season 4 of Manifest premiered, and another actor called Ty Doran had taken over the role of Cal Stone. But what was the reason behind Jack leaving the show? Let us find out.

In seasons 1 through 3, Jack Messina plays Cal Stone, one of the youngest passengers on Flight 828 who vanished for five and a half years. However, a shocking turn in the season 3 finale left many viewers unsure of Messina’s future in the role of Cal. he didn’t post a picture of the episode 1 script like many other Manifest cast members did on the first day of season 4 production. Instead, he wished the best of luck to his former co-stars while announcing that young Cal would not be seen in season 4.

Jack Messina left manifest as Cal Stone matured. celebsindepth.comJack Messina left manifest as Cal Stone matured.
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The actual reason behind Jack Messina’s living manifest is that the showrunners and writer gave back the five years that the character Cal Stone lost after boarding Flight 828. That indicates the role of Cal Stone has grown in age and, thus, is no longer played by the same actor.

Cal has been an essential player in figuring out what happened to Flight 828 ever since Manifest Season 1. The boy appeared to have some of the strongest connections and callings among the other travelers. On numerous occasions, Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) and the Stone family needed his intuition to help them figure out puzzles involving Flight 828.

Jack Messina's role will be reprised by Ty Doran. celebsindepth.comJack Messina’s role will be reprised by Ty Doran.
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Cal touched Flight 828’s tailfin in the season 3 finale because he got an odd sensation about it, and then he vanished with the object. Although it’s still unclear exactly where Cal went, he did make a sort of comeback. Cal was now a teenager because he had grown older by five years during his disappearance. Cal was represented by actor Ty Doran this time, and Doran will do so in season 4.

What Has Jack Messina Said About Leaving the Manifest?

Rake confirmed back in June that the upcoming season will see Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) and Cal struggle to figure out where Cal went and why he aged. Of course, the fact that Cal is five years old will retain relevance. Rake told TV Line;

It’s for Ben and the others to figure out where he’s been, why he was there, and what happened there. He’s made a sacrifice for everyone in the world [by losing those five years].

Leaving the show, Jack Messina wished the best for the teams. celebsindepth.comLeaving the show, Jack Messina wished the best for the teams.
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Over the summer, Jack Messina continued to be involved in the effort to prevent the cancellation of Manifest. He didn’t seem to be returning for season 4, though. On November 18, while the rest of the Manifest cast prepared to begin season 4 production, he shared an experience from a previous season. He captioned the photo,

I want to wish (@jeff_rake) and everyone at #manifest the best of luck on season 4. Unfortunately for young Cal fans, it appeared from this that Messina would not be joining the cast for the last season’s filming.

Jack Messina portrayed the major part of Chase in the short film, It’s Been A While, in 2022. Along with his acting profession, he is also working on his schooling. However, he has not indicated which grade he is in or which school he attends. The actor also enjoys skiing, parkour, drumming, and volleyball.

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