How Old Is Cal in Manifest Season 4? Also, Discover His Age in Real Life and Season 1!

Cal Stone, the most popular character in Netflix’s Manifest, is said to be 19 years old in Season 4. The character was 15 years old when he was played by Jack Messina. Cal then vanished for 5 years and now returns in the latest season. However, the role is now played by Ty Doran.

On September 24, 2018, the first episode of Jeff Rake‘s American supernatural drama television series Manifest aired on NBC. However, it is now available on Netflix as well. The focus is on the passengers and crew of a commercial airliner who were thought to be dead after going missing for five and a half years.

The show stars Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, J. R. Ramirez, Luna Blaise, Jack Messina, Parveen Kaur, Holly Taylor, Daryl Edwards, and Ty Doran, among others. NBC ordered the remaining episodes of the first season in October 2018, and the show was then renewed for a second season in 2020 and a third in 2021. NBC canceled the show after three seasons in June 2021.

Manifest’s fourth season recently premiered two years after the events of Season 3’s finale. The cliffhanger ending left the audience with many unanswered questions, none as intriguing as Cal Stone‘s situation. Cal has been a major character in Manifest since the first episode of the first season, and he is still vital to the plot. He has been the most mysterious of all passengers, and his arc becomes even more twisted in the fourth season.

But, in more ways than one, he’s not the same character he once was. Season 4 of Manifest introduces viewers to a new version of the character, played by a new actor. As a result, many viewers have been curious to know more about Cal Stone after the new character gets involved and wonder about his age in the series.

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Cal Stone Is Said to Be 19 Years Old in Manifest Season 4: Ty Doran, the New Actor, Plays the Role After Replacing Jack Messina!

Cal Stone is Ben and Grace Stone‘s, son on Netflix’s supernatural drama television series Manifest. He was one of the passengers on Flight 828 when he was introduced in the first episode, played by Jack Messina (@jackjmessina). He is definitely the most popular character among the general public. There are searches for ‘How old is Cal On Manifest?’, but no exact information about Cal’s age on Manifest is available right now.

However, Cal was 14 in the first three seasons of Manifest, having been born on April 9, 2002. He was five years older after he vanished, implying that Cal could be 19 in Manifest Season 4.

It’s challenging to express in words. This was the typical Stone family response when asked about Cal Stone’s drastically different appearance in Manifest Season 4 Part 1. Cal, formerly played by a young Jack, was recast at the end of Season 3 to reflect the character’s five-year age jump. Ty Doran (@_tydoran_), the new Cal, is now a permanent fixture in Manifest Season 4.

There was speculation that Messina would return for the new season, but aside from throwbacks, all of Cal’s present-day scenes feature the 25-year-old Doran, who has appeared in minor roles on shows like The Blacklist and Chicago Fire but gets his big break here. Doran’s profile is likely to rise significantly following his appearance in Season 3 and his time in Season 4, especially with Netflix saving the show from cancellation.

Doran’s experience with Manifest was a roller coaster. He shot his season 3 episode in one day with the cast and enjoyed working in New York City. The show was then canceled by NBC, and Doran was ready to move on — until Netflix picked it up. Later, he shared with People.

If I had known what I was missing when we got canceled, I would’ve been much more upset, The friendships and relationships that I’ve made over the course of this past year and getting to be in [N.Y.C.] have been incredible. It is changed me as a person and as an actor. I don’t know what I would’ve done [if the show got canceled]. All I can do is say thank you to the fans that made it possible for me to come back and get to work with such lovely people.

Fans may recall that in the season 3 finale of Manifest, 12-year-old Cal (Messina) touched the tailfin of Flight 828 at the Eureka lab. When he connected with the fin, a glow filled the room, and Cal vanished. Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) and Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) believed that if they returned the tailfin to the ocean where it was discovered, Cal would return. And he did come back, kind of.

Cal, now an older teenager (Doran), was at his dying mother Grace’s (Athena Karkanis) side in the final moments of the finale. No one knew where he went or what caused his sudden aging at the time. Cal’s goal in season 4 is to find answers.

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