Manifest: Why is Eagan in Jail? What Did He Do to Land in Prison?

Eagan, a former chess player with a photographic memory, was put in jail at the end of Season 3 of Netflix’s Manifest for holding Vance’s son at gunpoint. However, he uses his knowledge to strike a bargain and secure his release from prison in the latest season of the show.

If you’ve ever taken an international flight, you know how crowded they can get. As a result, the cast of Manifest is quite large. The record-breaking show, which premiered on NBC and is now available on Netflix, follows the passengers of a plane that disappears mid-flight and lands five years later without explanation or anyone on board noticing anything was wrong.

However, once they land, the Flight 828 passengers discover that their lives have been forever changed — and forever connected — by a series of visions known as “Callings,” which drive the 828ers to solve crimes, uncover mysteries, and constantly reunite due to the influences of a force they never fully comprehend.

Season 3 of the series concludes with an incredible twist, as Cal sacrifices himself to prevent Project Eureka from examining the tailfin. He disappears after touching the tailfin, leaving Ben and Vance stunned.

As the new season streamed on the platform, many viewers have been fascinated by the show’s story and character. Especially, Eagan, a former chess player with a photographic memory is one of the interesting characters played by Ali Lopez-Sohaili who gets caught and was put in jail in season 3.  Therefore, many people have been curious to know what he really did and wonder why he was in jail.

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Eagan Is in Jail/Prison for Holding Vance’s Son at Gunpoint at the End of Manifest Season 3!

Eagan first appeared in Season 3 of the Netflix series, Manifest, and has since established himself as a cunning foe to the Stone family. Considering how significant his role has grown, his late arrival on the show was surprising. Eagan played by Ali Lopez-Sohaili (@alijaysohay), a former chess player with a photographic memory, is calculating and clever, but often lacking in scruples and lately, he was put in jail for holding Vance‘s son at gunpoint at the end of the season.

There are 191 passengers on Flight 828’s manifest, but only a few of them are as interesting as Eagan. He appears much later in the show, but he quickly establishes himself as one of the most important players on the scene. He has a much better understanding of the callings and has used them to his advantage. He does show a hint of good character on occasion, but he remains a person who is only concerned with his own interests. Now let’s talk about what happens with him in the new season.

In the first five episodes of season 4, the show’s main focus is on rescuing Eden. Despite being presumed dead, Angelina has been raising the Stone family’s youngest member as her own and hiding with the help of various passengers, including Anna Ross, the woman who previously saved Cal‘s life. Angelina eventually ends up hiding at a passenger commune run by Adrian, the former 828 cult leader.

However, Adrian makes the mistake of confessing to Eagan that he is harboring Angelina, who was in prison for holding Vance’s son at gunpoint last season. Eagan uses his knowledge to strike a bargain and secure his release.

Using Omega Sapphire, the Major was able to connect the detained, now catatonic, passengers to the Divine Consciousness during her experiments. She couldn’t, however, obtain the Omega Sapphire, an ancient gem of limitless power. The final Omega Sapphire was discovered to be hiding in plain sight, right in the boiler room where the Stones had hidden the stowaway passenger from season one. Less conveniently, Eagan assisted Mick and Saanvi in discovering the gem before fleeing with it.

When Sapphire is discovered, Eagan doesn’t think twice about how it could benefit everyone. He’d only set out to find the sapphire for his own benefit. However, he overlooks the fact that others may be looking for it as well. Angelina eventually appears at his door. She has proven how dangerous she can be by this point, which is why we are not surprised to find Eagan injured and the sapphire missing.

At first glance, it appears that Eagan has died, but he has actually survived. Angelina only knocked him out cold. Her main goal was to obtain the sapphire. When that happens, she flees, fearful that others will find out about it soon. Angelina’s haste could be the only reason she didn’t stop to finish the job. In any case, it’s great news for Eagan, who will live to see another day.

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