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Donna Benedicto was only four years old when she started singing in church, and the passion for singing stayed with her for all her teenage and adult life. But singing led the actress to another profession down the line for which she is popular now, we are talking about acting, and slowly Donna is making her mark in the small screen with appearances in various Hallmark movies.

The actress was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to her parents. She is the eldest child of her parents and has one brother. Donna Benedicto’s parents are from the Philippines, and she is of Filipino descent. After finishing her education, the actress started managing bars, and after a suggestion from her boyfriend, the actress started to take singing lessons, which kick-started a new turn in her life and career.

Donna Bendicto is an actress from Vancouver who started as a model and a singer.Donna Benedicto is an actress from Vancouver who started as a model and a singer.
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Donna Benedicto rediscovered her love for singing and performing after leaving it all behind to pursue a different career. Singing lessons turned into a chance to perform at the bar she was managing, which lead to a spot in a cover band. But things really changed for the actress when she got some acting lessons to better perform on stage. Donna fell in love with acting, and here we are almost a decade later, she is making a name for herself through small TV appearances and Hallmark movies.

Donna Benedicto Plays Penny in the Hallmark Movie Nature of Love

Nature of Love is the new movie from Hallmark Channel about which premiered on 18 April 2020. The film was met with overall happy reviews from fans of the channel and currently holds over 7/10 in IMDb. Nature of Love is about a city girl who goes for a Glamping trip to Sunrise Peaks Resort as an undercover reporter and finds more than just peace and quiet.

Donna Benedicto plays Penny in the Nature of Love. She becomes friends with the reporter Katie, played by Emilie Ullerup, sent undercover to write about the resort. The camping in the resort is like a “palace,” and the wilderness and serene beauty is not the only thing waiting for Katie in the resort, there is Will, played by Christopher Russell who makes Katie question everything.

Donna Benedicto plays Penny in the Hallmark Channel movie Nature of Love.Donna Benedicto plays Penny in the Hallmark Channel movie Nature of Love.
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Penny and Katie are friends in the movie, and she is the only person who knows Katie is a reporter, writing about the resort. Penny and Katie try to keep it a secret, but when the Will becomes the story of the piece, things take a turn.

Nature of Love is currently streaming on Hallmark Channel Everywhere. The movie is filled with an amazing cast led by Emilie Ullerup playing Katie, Christopher Russell playing Will, Donna Benedicto playing Penny, Eric Gustafsson playing Chase, Erin Boyes playing Olivia and Catherine Lough Haggquist playing Sabrina.

Donna Benedicto took Music Classes after Encouragement from Her Boyfriend

Donna Benedicto started singing in a cover band continuing her career as a singer.Donna Benedicto started singing in a cover band continuing her career as a singer.
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During a recent interview promoting her new movie Nature of Love, Donna Benedicto said she was not singing anymore and earning money as a manager for a busy bar. The work was paying her well, but once a performer always a performer, Donna’s boyfriend knew she sang, which is why he encouraged her to take singing classes.

Soon she was performing in the bar she worked after her friends from work got her to sing during a staff party. The boss gave her a show every month, and through some trial and error, the actress was able to sharpen her skills, which led her to an audition to sing as the lead for a cover band.

Donna was hired by a cover band, and at the start, she was unhappy with the song choices, she was uninspired by what she was singing for people. When she mentioned it to her bandmates, one of them asked her to take acting lessons, so she could act as if she loved it. Acting classes opened a new horizon for the actress, and soon she was starting to appear in movies and TV shows, playing small roles and getting better after each experience.

Donna Benedicto Started Her Career with Almost Human

By the time 2013 rolled around, Donna Benedicto had been a successful model and a performing singer. A career in acting was a new frontier for Donna, and she embraced it with the same gusto she did about her past two passions. The actress got her first break in the cult TV series Almost Human, which was released and canceled in 2014.

The actress appeared in Minority Report and iZombie next and was also a part of the pilot episode of the TV show Heartbeat. In 2016 the actress was part of her first and second Hallmark movies consecutively. Donna played Megan in A Wish For Christmas and Sara Collins in Operation Christmas, which introduced the actress to a whole new audience.

Donna Benedicto played an astronaut in the hit sereis The Good Doctor.Donna Benedicto played an astronaut in the hit series The Good Doctor.
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In 2017 the actress was part of the hit CW series Supernatural, well, a working actor in Vancouver is not an actor unless they appear in the hit series. The actress also appeared in a few episodes of the show UnReal and A Million Little Things. Donna was also happy to get to play the role of Wren Braxton in the TV show The Good Doctor. Donna’s character in the show is an astronaut, and she said it was refreshing to play an important and respected character.

She said seeing being a Filipino, playing a Filipino astronaut was amazing for her, she was not playing a Chinese or Japanese person. Donna appeared in two more Hallmark movies, Christmas on My Mind and Matching Hearts in 2019 and 2020. She also continued on her role as DEO Agent Reiff in The CW series Supergirl. Next, the actress will be seen in the Hallmark Channel movie When It Rains It Pours aka Love in the Forecast.

Does Donna Benedicto have a Husband or Boyfriend? Is the Actress Married?

Donna Benedicto’s Instagram account is full of pictures of herself, and in the highlights, you can see her parents, who are really popular with her parents. Except for pictures of herself and her friends, there is not much going on in Donna’s Instagram or Facebook account.

We know the actress was in a relationship, she said as much when talking about her singing career. But the way she said she “had a boyfriend then” made it sound like the actress is currently single and living her best life as a happy, single person. For people looking for Donna Benedicto’s husband or wanting to know if she was married, here is your answer, the actress is currently single.

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