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Emilie Ullerup is an actress; she’s been one since 2006 when she got her first role in the Sci-Fi Channel’s revival series Battlestar Galactica. An aspiring actress since birth, she wanted to pave her own path and make a mark in the show business, and while going through all the struggles of making it in the business, she also fell in love with her husband, Kyle Cassie.

Emilie was born on 27 October 1984 in Copenhagen, Denmark, to her father Ove Ullerup-Peterson, who was a diplomat and an Ambassador of Denmark in Vietnam. Due to her father’s work, the actress grew up in different parts of the world, and also she got to experience the culture and learn the language of other people. While living in Denmark and Vietnam, she became fluent in Danish, Vietnamese, and English language.

Emilie Ullerup is an actress who was born in Denmark.
Emilie Ullerup is an actress who was born in Denmark.

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After a lot of moving, the actress came back to Denmark to finish her high school education. Emilie graduated in 2003 and moved to Vancouver, Canada, so she could pursue her dream and become an actor. To make sure she is ready for her career, the actress studied at the Vancouver Film School for over one and a half years and finished her course in 2005.

Start of Emilie’s Career and Meeting Kyle Cassie

Emilie Ullerup and Kyle Cassie met in 2007 and fell in love.Emilie Ullerup and Kyle Cassie met in 2007 and fell in love.
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The first step in any prospective actor’s career is getting an agent who will get you through the hassle and into the audition room. This was exactly what she did in 2006, and soon, she was getting roles in hit Canadian series Sanctuary and jPod. After her first audition for Sanctuary, the actress killed an action sequence, and she was hired for the show where she appeared in for two seasons.

But it was jPod which is close to her heart because while filming the show in 2007, she met the love of her life, Kyle Cassie. Kyle and Emilie met while filming the series, and soon, the two were going out together. They were hesitant to show their love to each other back then and were only seen together a handful of times, but the fact they are still together, shows how much they loved and still love one another.

Emilie’s Brush with Death; Battling a Tumor

Emilie was a battling with a tumor which was located in her spine in 2009.Emilie was battling with a tumor, which was located in her spine in 2009.
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At the beginning of her career, Emilie Ullerup was faced with one of the scariest situations in the world, a doctor told her there was a tumor wrapped around the bottom of her spine, and it was wrapping around several spinal nerves. Even though the tumor was benign, there was still an inherent danger in the place where the growth was located.

Emilie went through with the surgery, and the doctor got the entire tumor out along with her tailbone. She also explained why she would never go through something like the surgery again. After the surgery, the actress went into five months of recovery, got back on her feet again, and she was back on the set to do what she loves the most in the world.

Becoming a Hallmark Star; Starring in ‘Chesapeake Shore’ and ‘With Love, Christmas’

After starring or playing the supporting roles in multiple movies and TV shows, the actress made the decision to make the transition to the Hallmark Channel, where most of the stories are about the love they make a plethora of love story movies. The decision was a sound one as the actress was able to make a career for herself with the channel and star in multiple films, but she started with the TV show Chesapeake Shore.

Emilie appeared in the show for almost 30 episodes of Chesapeake Shore between 2016 and 2018, and the show was also a massive success for the channel. While appearing in the series, she also transitioned into the movie side of the channel and starred in the Signed, Sealed, Delivered series.

Watch: The trailer for ‘With Love, Christmas’ on Hallmark Channel

But out of all the movies, she played in the channel the one favorite character and film for the fans is the 2017 love story With Love, Christmas. Emilie played Melanie Welch in the movie With Love, Christmas, which was about the romance between two people who are on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to their love for Christmas.

Emilie Ullerup Plays Katie in the Hallmark Channel Movie Nature of Love

Katie is a city girl living in a single bedroom apartment and going to work at a print media organization. One day she is tasked with writing about a Glamping resort called the Sunrise Peaks Resort and going there as an undercover reporter. But Katie finds more than what she had hoped for when she gets there in the form of Will, played by Christopher Russell, who works there.

Emilie Ullerup’s character Katie becomes friends with another guest in the resort, Penny, played by Donna Benedicto. But it is the story between Katie and Will, which gets complicated in the highly anticipated movie. Also, a little fact, Emilie was pregnant during the filming of the movie, she recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Nature of Love premiered on 18 April 2020 on Hallmark Channel, starring, Emilie Ullerup as Katie, Christopher Russell as Will, Donna Benedicto as Penny, Eric Gustafsson as Chase, Erin Boyes as Olivia, and Catherine Lough Haggquist as Sabrina.

Emilie and Her Husband; Getting Married and Awaiting the Birth of Their First Child

Emilie Ullerup and Kyle Cassie got married in 2018.Emilie Ullerup and Kyle Cassie got married in 2018.
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Emilie and her boyfriend Kyle Cassie always flew under the radar, never making a fuss about their relationship and still going strong even after 11 years of their first meeting. Then, after 11 years together, the couple decided it was time for them to get married, which they did in a beautiful ceremony on 14 August 2018.

Emilie Ullerup recently talked about her relationship with her husband in an Instagram post saying, “There is no right way to do love. We moved in together after only a few months. It felt right and it didn’t feel rushed. Then we spent 8 years together before we got married. It was just us in a courthouse. It took another 3 years for us to decide we were ready to celebrate our love with all of our closest family and friends. It became the best days of our lives. We have been together for 12 years and only now are we having our first child. We couldn’t have imagined doing it any sooner.”

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After over a decade together, the couple was married, and by the time of their first anniversary, the duo also received the good news they were going to be parents. Right now, Emily and her husband, Kyle, are waiting on the arrival of their first child. The gender of the child was not revealed, whether it will be a girl or a boy with Kyle and Emilie also not revealing the due date of their baby.

Emilie Ullerup and Kyle Cassie are awaiting the birth of their first child together.
Emilie Ullerup and Kyle Cassie are awaiting the birth of their first child together.
Source: Instagram

Going by the picture she posted on 3 October, the actress looks to be in her seven months of pregnancy. It seems the baby will be born right in time for Christmas (talk about a perfect Hallmark Channel moment), and the husband and wife will become mother and father for the first time in their lives.

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