Emilie Ullerup Announces the Arrival of Her First Baby with Husband Kyle Cassie

After 40 weeks of love, care, pain, and elation, Emilie Ullerup finally gave birth to her first child with her husband, Kyle Cassie. Throughout the pregnancy, the actress was continually updating her fans about the delivery date and how far along she is. Emilie’s husband, Kyle Cassie, was also in most of the posts on Instagram, getting ready to become a father for the first time.

This is a great time of joy and happiness for the small family of Emilie and Kyle, which just welcomed a new member today. All of us here want to congratulate Emilie Ullerup and Kyle Cassie for the birth of their first child. Considering how happy and ready they were for the kid, it definitely seems like the two will be great parents to their kid.


Emilie Ullerup gave an update on the birth of her baby with husband Kyle Cassie.Emilie Ullerup gave an update on the birth of her baby with husband Kyle Cassie.
Source: Emilie Ullerup Instagram

Emilie recently gave an update on her Instagram page about her crossing the 40 weeks mark and also made a funny video asking her kid to come out while walking their dog with her husband. She took to her twitter and Instagram around 9 pm pacific time on 28 January 2020 to announce the arrival of her and her husband’s bundle of joy.

Fans were also quick to congratulate the couple who have been together for over 12 years now. They got married in secret in a court almost four years ago and only revealed it to their loved ones later on. A relationship built on love and trust is now deepened by the arrival of their first baby, who could ever ask for anything more?

The same sentiment was echoed by the actress on her Instagram and Twitter posts. She wrote, “Update: I’m no longer pregnant. Now I’m just devastatingly in love with a heart that breaks every time I look at my child and my husband. How will I ever want to do anything but that?” We totally understand the sentiment and congratulation again to Emilie Ullerup and Kyle Cassie.

From all of us here at Celebs In-depth, we are praying for health prosperity and love for the family of three.