Why and How Kya Killed Chase in Where the Crawdads Sing?

It is revealed that Kya killed Chase in Netflix’s Where the Crawdads Sing. After Chase attempted to rape Kya, she realized she would never be safe from him and resolved to murder him and cover it up as an accidental fall from the abandoned fire tower.

Where The Crawdads Sing is an adaptation of Delia Owens‘ 2018 novel, with various changes to the plot. The novel and film are about CatherineKyaClark, commonly known as Marsh Girl since she lives in a marsh in North Carolina and hails from a poor family. The novel is divided into two chapters that explore Kya’s upbringing and her life when she is 19, and the story highlights her strong, resourceful, and independent nature. She has two love interests, Tate Walker and Chase Andrews, and both the book and the movie center on her trial when she is suspected of murdering Chase.

Soon after, the locals suspect Kya, and she is apprehended by police. By the end of the Netflix movie, it is evident that Kya did, in fact, murder Chase. However, the film leaves it up to the audience to figure out how and why it happened. If you want to know why Kya killed Chase and how she did it, we’ve got you covered.

After Chase Attempted to Rape Kya, She Realized She Would Never Be Safe From Him and Killed Him and Covered It up as an Accidental Fall In Netflix’s Where the Crawdads Sing!

It is revealed in a poem named The Firefly that Kya was the one who killed Chase. Certain parts in Where The Crawdads Sing reveal that Kya enticed Chase to the tower, where he was pushed off and died. So, let us find out what happened between them that prompted Kya to kill Chase.

Kya learned to live with her father over time. She caught up on minor details, such as getting out of his way all the time and learned to live with it until he, too, left her. Kya is now on her own and must remain watchful at all times. She sticks to her motto of keeping to herself, and things go well for her for a time. As she grows older, her path collides with that of others, and she finds updating Chase Andrews.

While Kya does not fall in love with him, she begins to trust Chase and believes they might have a future together. Especially when he mentions getting married and having children. But it soon becomes clear that he had been deceiving her. She realizes Chase is already engaged during a trip to town. She interprets it as her cue to end their relationship, but Chase is hesitant to let her go. Even after he gets married, he tells Kya that she is the one he truly loves and wishes to spend his life with.

Kya tries to ignore him, but then he tries to rape her. She responds by fighting back and threatening to murder him if he ever touches her again. The final portion is witnessed by two others, making Chase feel publicly embarrassed. He doesn’t take it well, along with Kya’s rejection, and she knows it. Living with her father taught her that Chase is the type of person who will not stop until he gets the last word, which means he will come after Kya sooner or later.

Her house had always been the safest place for her, which is why, when Chase threatens to take it away from her, she resolves not to go quietly. She is perfectly content to live alone, but living in terror is not her cup of tea. Because Chase will never stop hounding her voluntarily, she ends the whole affair by killing him. What works against the prosecution is that no evidence can prove any of these probabilities beyond a reasonable doubt. And herein lays the genius of Kya’s idea. Kya knew she had to kill Chase without leaving anything that could be used to link his death to her.

To get the alibi out of the way, Kya informs several individuals of her plans to travel to Greenville to meet with the publishers. Instead of determining the timing of the one bus she must ride, she determines the schedule of all buses so she knows which one to take to and from Greenville. She lures Chase out to the tower once the period has been agreed upon. He probably even loved her in his twisted manner, given that he wore the shell necklace she gave him at all times.

At, the end, of Where The Crawdads Sing Kya leaves the grate open before Chase arrives at the tower. Chase wouldn’t have been able to see it because it was dark. Even if he notices it, he doesn’t have time to react because Kya shoves him down it. The fall killed him, and Kya returns to the bus station, where she returns to Greenville in time for her morning tea.

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