Who Plays Young Gil in Ginny and Georgia? Details About Actor Ben Caldwell!

In Ginny and Georgia, young Gil is played by actor Ben Caldwell and the adult one is played by Aaron Richard Ashmore. Gil appears quite kind when we first meet him, spoiling a young Georgia and Ginny with takeout food and nice gifts in flashbacks. Apart from Ginny & Georgia (2021), Ben Caldwell is well known for his work in Murdoch Mysteries (2008) and 13: The Musical (2022).

When Season 1 of Netflix‘s Ginny & Georgia ended, Georgia‘s (Brianne Howey) fiance had just been re-elected mayor, and Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and Austin (Diesel La Torraca) had walked away from home after being let down by their mother. Ginny’s social life has been shattered by the revelation that she cheated on Hunter (Mason Temple) with Marcus (Felix Mallard) which pales in comparison to some of the discoveries about her mother’s past.

Ginny is coping with the discovery that her mother murdered her stepfather in this season of the teen drama. We also see Georgia try to stay cheerful, even though her horrible history will not be forgotten. The eighth episode of Season 2 of Ginny and Georgia ended with Max and Marcus hearing a gunshot from across the street. Gil is also introduced in the episode.

With the arrival of Gil, viewers are interested in learning about the young Gil. So read on to find out the actor who played young Gil in Ginny & Georgia, and follow him on social media.

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Young Gil Is Played by Actor Ben Caldwell in Ginny and Georgia!

In Ginny and Georgia, young Gil Timmins is played by actor Ben Caldwell (@bensteelecaldwell). We’ve always known that Georgia Miller‘s background has been messy and that she hasn’t always had the finest relationship experiences, but season 2 emphasizes just how bad she’s had. The majority of this revolves around her relationship with Austin‘s father, Gil, who is first introduced in flashbacks before reappearing in the present-day timeline.

This season also introduces five new characters. Gil Timmins is played by Ben Caldwell, and Dr. Lily is played by Zarrin Darnell-Martin. Simone, Silver, and Bryon are the other three characters. Apart from Ginny & Georgia (2021), Ben Caldwell is well known for his work in Murdoch Mysteries (2008) and 13: The Musical (2022). He is active on Instagram with over 7k followers. Further details regarding Ben Caldwell are not known yet.

However, Georgia is first led to believe via flashbacks that young Gil Timmins was a good man with a solid paying career, thus he was probably in his mid-20s or even 30s, putting him in his mid-to late-30s or even early 40s in the present day.

Gil appears quite kind when we first meet him, spoiling a young Georgia and Ginny with takeout food and nice gifts in flashbacks, while many of Wellsbury’s citizens take a liking to him after his arrival in the present day. Georgia mentions him in the first season and says he’s in prison for embezzlement, but we never see him again. Gil returns to Wellsbury in Season 2 after being released from prison. His first trip is to Austin’s school to visit him. However, we don’t find out why Gil visits the peaceful town until much later in the season.

We uncover Gil’s history with Georgia, as he calls her as well as what he’s doing in town and how his presence threatens the safe life Georgia and the kids are trying to construct in Wellsbury, Massachusetts, thanks to additional Ginny & Georgia flashbacks. While Georgia and her family are exchanging Christmas gifts, Gil arrives at the door and interrupts their festivities. He delivers gifts for Austin, Ginny, and Georgia reminisces about the kids’ childhoods and expresses his desire to be more active in his son’s life now that he is no longer incarcerated.

Throughout Season Two, viewers learn that Gil was physically abusive and that Georgia falsely accused him of stealing money from his firm. Georgia, Ginny, and Austin fled their flat when he was arrested. Gil threatens to disclose Georgia’s background to Paul in Episode Nine and tries to extract money from her. He subsequently goes to her house and attacks Georgia until Austin shoots his father with a revolver Georgia hid upstairs.

While young Gil Timmins is played by actor Ben Caldwell, adult Gil is played by Aaron Ashmore (@aaron_ashmore) in Ginny and Georgia. Aaron is a Canadian performer. He is best recognized for his parts in American television shows such as Smallville‘s Jimmy Olsen, and KilljoysJohnny Jaqobis.

Tianna M and Tiara J are the names of the young actresses. Tianna M plays infant Ginny in some sequences, and Tiara J takes over in others. Young Georgia is played by Nikki Roumel (@nikkiroumel). She has also played Sibyl Sadik in Designated Survivor and a Cheer Captain in Holly Hobbie.

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