Abby Littman Taping Legs in Ginny and Georgia: Is She Suffering From Body Dysmorphia?

In Ginny and Georgia, Abby suffers from body dysmorphia, which has led to her taping legs underneath her jeans to create a significant thigh gap. Throughout the series, Abby has issues with body image, and it is implied that she may have an eating disorder. Press also remarks on Abby’s whale legs, causing her body image difficulties, and taping her legs.

Ginny has a dreadful nightmare in which her mother kills her by suffocating her with a pillow as the second season of Netflix‘s Ginny & Georgia begins. This scenario foreshadows what will happen later in the season. Ginny and Austin have been living with Zion in Boston for a week. They spend Thanksgiving with Zion’s family, and Zion’s parents emphasize how unprepared Georgia is to raise a black girl. This subject gets more prominent in season 2 than in season 1.

Ginny even mentions how her mother combed her hair while she was obsessed with Scarlett O’Hara, the protagonist of Gone with the Wind. Zion also discovers, Ginny has been self-burning and persuades her to go to counseling. He wants to tell Georgia right away, but he refuses when Ginny asks him not to.

Ginny and Georgia’s AbigailAbbyLittman is a character on Netflix, played by Katie Douglas. However, Abby is seen taping her legs in Ginny and Georgia, which makes viewers curious and wonder about the reason in detail. So let’s find out.

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Abby Suffers From Body Dysmorphia, Which Has Led to Her Taping Legs in Ginny and Georgia!

A greater issue for Abby is her struggle with body dysmorphia, which creates a significant disruption in her life. We learn that to appear thinner (and to fit into a specific pair of jeans), Katie Douglas‘s character, Abby begins taping her legs, which causes her immense agony and even more uneasiness (particularly during a game of truth or dare).

Though there are ups and downs in the Ginny and Georgia season 2 cast, Romeo specifically mentions how his friendship with Katie Douglas’ Abby is one of the highlights of season 2, Ginny and Georgia. Throughout the series, Abby has issues with body image, and it is implied that she may have an eating disorder. Her behavior gives small signs that she is bi-curious and struggles in the closet.

She is also dealing with her parent’s divorce while her pals are away. She can also be harsh and selfish at times, and she can succumb to jealousy. This is demonstrated when Max surprised Ginny for her birthday. At the Halloween party, Press remarks on Abby’s whale legs, sparking her body image concerns. Samantha watches with delight (due to Abby and the rest of MANG’s exclusion of her).

Later, Ginny goes to the restroom, and we observe Abby washing her mouth at the sink (having likely just made herself throw up). Press is at a loss for words when it comes to expressing his emotions. So he teases her and refers to her as having whale legs. And he says all these hurtful things to her. But he had no idea how deeply it hurt her. And there’s a scene where Matt Press realizes for the first time that Abby taps her legs. It’s a quick sequence. But you can see by Matt Press’s expression in that scene that it’s the first time he recognizes his words can cause hurt even when he doesn’t intend them to.

Ginny’s school is hosting a charity overnight, and the students are excited about it. Abby believes that her legs should be smaller to look better in some jeans. She does this by taping them together with duct tape. Abby and Nora later depart the sleepover with their boyfriends, and a game of truth or dare begins. When someone suggests a dare of swapping clothing, Abby realizes she can’t participate because the others would see what she’s done, so she departs the group to avoid being discovered.

Abby is struggling with body dysmorphia, Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a mental health disease in which a person spends a significant amount of time thinking about perceived defects in their appearance. The illness can strike at any age, but it is more frequent in teenagers and young adults.

Abby’s taping legs have been discussed on Reddit and Twitter. Some audience members thought the plot in Ginny and Georgia was inadequately stated and appeared out of nowhere. Someone said on Twitter

Is Abby’s plot supposed to be about insecurity? (trying to think of the correct phrases) since taping her thighs when she’s a standard shape doesn’t make sense? They must investigate this.

another added;

What was the meaning of the scene in episode 3 where Abby was taping her thighs in the middle of a texting scene? Yes, raise awareness about these issues, but it felt odd when no one was talking about clothes.

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