Who Does Pietro End up With in Di4ries? Isabel or Livia?

celebsindepth.com – Although Pietro Maggi had love for Isabel, he ends up with Livia at the end of The Di4ries. Even Isa takes a step back and suggests that Livia be with Pietro because the two appear to be built for each other.

Netflix‘s Di4ries is an Italian teen sitcom set in Galileo Galilei middle school, following the lives of numerous students in class 2-D, including Pietro Maggi and his friends Livia, Daniele, Isabel Diop, Monica, Arianna, Giulio, and Mirko. The story follows a group of early teens who attend the School, following their daily lives and the problems they experience. The 13-year-olds manage their lives alongside their friends, dealing with first-time crushes, kisses, and heartbreaks. However, their lives are flipped upside down when it is announced that the school will be closing soon.

Season 1 premiered on May 18, 2022. The second season was released in two parts, on September 14, 2023, and December 6, 2023. Even if the high school lives of these people could perhaps be covered in a future Season 3, fans have wondered about the relationship between the cast members, especially Maggi endgame. Who does Pietro end up with in the Di4ries?

Pietro Maggi Ends up With Livia at the End of the Di4ries

Pietro Maggi is portrayed as a hip, cool kid at the school and one of the show’s primary characters in Di4ries. He is not scared to stand up for himself, and he usually does when he has anything to say. Although only the second part of season 2 has been released, many fans have wondered who might be his endgame. So who does he end up with? Let us find out.

As per sources, Pietro ends up with Livia at the end of Di4ries. When Maggi met Livia in Season 1, he perceived her as a compassionate individual who thrived on discipline and planning. But in season two, he began to see her differently. Livia had grown more entertaining and unexpected, and Maggi was drawn to her in a manner he hadn’t been before. This is extremely similar to Monica’s statement that she wanted to break up with Manuel because of his predictability.

Pietro and Livia realize their love for one another in Di4ries. celebsindepth.comPietro and Livia realize their love for one another in Di4ries.
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Earlier in the series, he had love for Isabel but was envious that she was in a relationship with Rob. Both of them like each other, and they even kiss on his balcony after Maggi uses a snow machine to make it snow there. When Part 2 begins, she is still unsure about her feelings for Maggi, and he continues to hang out with Isa as a friend. However, people who see them alone understand that there is more to their connection than they disclose.

The love triangle was the most unsatisfactory aspect of Di4ries season 2, part 2. Part 1 was entirely geared toward demonstrating how Livia and Pietro were drifting apart and why Isa being with him would be a better option. That whole thing was completely turned on its head in Part 2, with none of the story or emotion building that Part 1 invested in.

After a while, his emotions became too great for Livia to handle, so she confessed to Pietro, marking the beginning of their relationship. Before telling everyone, Isa had a private conversation with Livia, where she told her about herself and Maggi. Frankly, Isa did the right thing, although some argue that she should have spoken with Livia before dating him and pursuing things with him. That would have been more accurate for the sisters’ code.

Pietro and Isa are content in their individual bubbles, but Livia is having difficulty accepting them together. She talks to Isa and acknowledges that all she needs is time and that this is her problem, which she will solve by herself. That should have been plenty, except that he is also perplexed by his emotions.

Love Triangle Occurs Between Pietro Maggi Isabel and Livia in Di4ries

When the kids are stuck on the island, Livia and Pietro Maggi have a moment; however, they don’t kiss. However, when Isa sees them together, she senses that something has happened. So far, Isa has felt nervous about them because their chemistry is so obvious. But she was not prepared for her suspicions to be validated in this manner. When Maggi admits that he and Livia were ready to kiss, Isa breaks down. She spends the entire night wailing as the children wait for the storm to pass.

There was a love triangle between Pietro, Isabel, and Livia. celebsindepth.comThere was a love triangle between Pietro, Isabel, and Livia.
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Isa has come to terms with the circumstances as Di4ries Season 2 comes to a conclusion. She speaks with Livia, who apologizes and admits that her emotions got the best of her. Even Isa takes a step back and suggests that Livia be with Pietro because the two appear to be built for each other. And just like that, they were reunited. In the end, they returned in time for their exams and were well equipped for the next stage of their lives, high school.