Who Is CeCe in Sweet Magnolias? Meet Harlan Drum, Who Plays CeCe!

Caroline “Cece” Matney, played by Harlan Drum, is one of the characters in Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias whose path encompasses a range of events and problems, particularly as she navigates the complexities of adolescence.

Sheryl J. Anderson‘s Sweet Magnolias is a Netflix original romance-drama series starring JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Brooke Elliott, and Heather Headley. The feel-good story about friendship and family is based on Sherryl Woods‘ book series of the same name.

The Netflix original romance-drama series follows three high school best friends from Serenity, South Carolina, as they assist each other through the intricacies of juggling relationships, romances, family, and jobs.

However, Caroline “CeCe” Matney, a charming heroine in the beautiful universe of the series, effortlessly wins our hearts with her contagious liveliness and young exuberance. She gives a sense of innocence and pleasure to the series, making her a fan favorite. Let’s take a closer look at the wonderful CeCe Matney and her extraordinary journey on the show.

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Caroline “CeCe” Matney Is One of the Members of the Matney Family in Sweet Magnolias!

CeCe, short for Caroline Matney, is a character in the television series Sweet Magnolias played by Harlan Drum. In the series, she is a Matney family member from the fictional village of Serenity. Russ Matney is her father, and she has two younger sisters, Cammie and Corky. Moreover, she attends Serenity High School and is part of the young ‘uns cohort.

CeCe is a Matney family member from the fictional village of Serenity in the Sweet Magnolias. celebsindepth.comCeCe is a Matney family member from the fictional village of Serenity in the Sweet Magnolias. 
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Throughout the series, CeCe’s journey includes a variety of events and challenges, particularly as she navigates the intricacies of adolescence. Her uncompromising energy and drive to learn from life’s lessons leave a lasting impression on the Serenity community and viewers. In addition, her romantic relationship with Ty Townsend is an important component of her character’s storyline, bringing emotional depth and growth to her character as the relationship goes through ups and downs.

When CeCe starts her path of self-discovery while attending Serenity High School, her upbeat demeanor and lively personality make her extremely popular among her peers, and she exudes optimism wherever she goes. Her naïve crush on Ty Townsend lends a beautiful touch of young love to the story, capturing the spirit of adolescent emotions in their purest form.

Furthermore, her genuine nature shines through during the school’s mock trial event. She ardently seeks Helen‘s favor, dressed in a brand-new pantsuit, with an undeniable hunger for attention.

Cece’s fears mix with resolve as she adopts the position of defense attorney during cross-examination for the first time. Everyone is taken aback by her spontaneous creativity during this trial, especially her proud father, who follows her every action with intense admiration and limitless love. Although her path is filled with ups and downs, her tenacious and enthusiastic attitude makes her easy to relate to. As a result, she has become a beloved sweetheart among Sweet Magnolias fans thanks to her genuine friendliness and enthusiastic energy.

We anxiously expect more moments abounding with comedy and warmth courtesy of our beloved character, CeCe Matney, as Sweet Magnolias continues to enchant audiences with its uplifting narratives. Well, keep checking our socials for the latest celebrity news and gossip from your favorite reality series.

More About Harlan Drum, Who Plays CeCe in Sweet Magnolias!

Harlan Drum (@harlan_drum), who plays The role of Caroline “CeCe” Matney in Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias, is an American model and actress. She has also appeared in the television shows MacGyver and Hightown. In addition, she has been in the entertainment industry since 2019.

Harlan Drum is cast as CeCe in the Netflix series. celebsindepth.comHarlan Drum is cast as CeCe in the Netflix series. 
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The Sweet Magnolias cast was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on October 15, 2002. Her mother, Christine, is very close to her. Likely, she is the great-granddaughter of Bob Cox, the founder of Lauderdale Marina in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In addition, her mother began taking her to modeling auditions when she was just seven years old.

Later, Harlan Drum began working as a model and earned his first break on television with advertisements. She has been in commercials for national and international corporations such as Burger King and Samsung. Likely, she has also modeled for companies like H&M, American Girl, and Justice.

In 2019, Harlan played Sofia in the film Waves and Emily in the short film Dear America: A Film by Generation Z. Later, she played Brianna McMillan in the film Friendship Never Dies. However, she rose to prominence in 2020 as CeCe Matney in the hit Netflix series Sweet Magnolias.