Why Did the Mayor Resign on Sweet Magnolias? Trent Lewis Secret, Reddit Update!

Jul 27, 2023 @ 7:37 GMT-0500
Why Did the Mayor Resign on Sweet Magnolias? Trent Lewis Secret, Reddit Update! celebsindepth.com

The mayor, Trent Lewis, of Sweet Magnolias resigned in order to prevent the allegations against him from being made public. His secret is that he had been embezzling public funds, which was one of the reasons the recall petition was submitted. Reddit users are eager to learn about the new mayor, but it hasn't been confirmed yet. Peggy has been recommended for the post.

The Netflix drama series 'Sweet Magnolias' centers around cast members, Helen, Dana Sue, and Maddie—three lively women in the small Southern town of Serenity—and their touching lifelong friendship. The characters and, consequently, the cast members portraying them have gained a lot of sympathy from fans since their launch in May 2020. This includes Heather Headley, who plays the show's confident lawyer.

Sweet Magnolias, a Netflix series, may be largely a love and family-based drama at heart, but that hasn't stopped it from diving into the world of politics on occasion, as the eponymous trio has clashed with their town's mayor. Mayor Lewis makes the stunning announcement that he is resigning in episode 3 of the current season, which made viewers wonder the reason behind it. So what's the secret?

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Trent Lewis, the Mayor, Resigned on Sweet Magnolias to Prevent Allegations After His Secret Was Revealed!

Mayor Lewis resigned earlier in the season Sweet Magnolias, and relocated to neighboring Castlewood rather than face the recall. After more than a year of anticipation, fans of Sweet Magnolias are finally reunited with Maddie Townsend, Dana Sue Sullivan, Helen Decatur, and their whole career, family, and relationship drama in Serenity. And fans have many unanswered questions, especially about the secret of the mayor's resignation.

In episode 3, Mayor Lewis resigned to avoid the allegations against him from becoming public, which could affect his future career opportunities or lead to his incarceration. Rumors that he had been embezzling public funds were rampant and were one of the reasons the recall petition was filed in the first place, but they had never been fully investigated.

The mayor, Trent Lewis, resigned to prevent the allegations against him. celebsindepth.comThe mayor, Trent Lewis, resigned to prevent the allegations against him.
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Peggy Martin, on the other hand, swore not to keep any of the mayor's secrets hidden after the Sweet Magnolias filed their recall petition and began investigating his dubious practices. Knowing that remaining mayor of Serenity would keep the attention squarely on him, Trent decided that resigning and rushing to Castlewood would perhaps enable the situation to cool off.

Peggy, on the other hand, has different plans as she contacts an old acquaintance and famed investigative journalist, Charlies Perkins, to continue her investigation into Mayor Lewis's shady business. But what actually had happened lets go back.

After the Sweet Magnolias submitted a petition against Trent Lewis, the recall process against Serenity's incumbent mayor began in season 2. Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen, like many other Serenity residents, had become tired of their town's state and the mayor's lack of development.

Trent was suspected of misappropriating the town's cash and property for his own personal advantage and that of his wife and the Sweet Magnolias' enemy, Mary Vaughn Lewis, throughout his 10-year tenure as mayor. After the petition is filed against Mayor Lewis, his wife pledges vengeance and uses Cal's previous arrest for assault and battery to have him fired as Serenity High's baseball coach.

Reddit Users Thoughts on the New Mayor on Sweet Magnolias?

After the news that Mayor Lewis resigned, Sweet Magnolias' fans and Reddit users are eager to learn about the new mayor. Many names have been floated, but who is actually the new mayor? Let us get into detail.

Peggy is now a viable candidate for Mayor of Serenity. Helen suggests to Peggy during an interview in episode 4 that she run for Mayor Lewis's successor. Helen follows up with fresh vigor in episode 10 and even offers to oversee Peggy's political campaign if she decides to run.

Reddit users discuss Peggy's appointment as the new mayor of Sweet Magnolias. celebsindepth.comReddit users discuss Peggy's appointment as the new mayor of Sweet Magnolias.
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Helen is impressed by Peggy's devotion to Serenity after assisting her with her investigation into the Lewises using Helen's good notes on local business. Helen believes Peggy is the best candidate for the job because she grew up in the town and knows its weaknesses better than anyone else. Helen even proposes running her own campaign. While it hasn't been confirmed, many Reddit posts have been made in favor of Peggy being mayor. On Reddit, one user said,

Peggy's character has always piqued my interest, and I wish we had seen more of her this season. I hope she runs for mayor and receives more attention next season (I'm speaking it into being!). I really appreciate how amicable her relationship with the Magnolias has grown, and I'm curious to see what happens to her friendship with Mary Lewis after the investigation is over.

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