Who Tried to Kill Calvin on the Virgin River? Reddit Discussion!

Melissa was the one who tried to kill Calvin in the Virgin River, but he is still alive. As per Reddit discussion and spoilers, he is the father of Charmaine’s twins.

Netflix‘s Virgin River has benefited from both the popularity of Robyn Carr‘s 21-book series of the same name among fans and our growing desire to watch television that doesn’t demand a lot of our attention by consistently ranking in the top ten on Netflix. Virgin River is exactly that—it lacks the Jaws-style soundtrack that makes people jump out of their skin and instead conjures up feelings of warmth and danger from the local drug trade.

Calvin is portrayed by actor David Cubitt, who is best known for roles in the television series Medium, Ray Donovan, and Siren. Additionally, he has made appearances in episodes of So Help Me Todd, The Good Doctor, Nancy Drew, and other well-known television programs. Someone tried to kill him in the Virgin River, leading viewers to wonder, Who was the one behind it? Also, Reddit users wonder if he is the father of the twin.

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Melissa Tried to Kill Calvin in the Virgin River in Season 4!

Calvin is actually still alive, as seen in Virgin River season 5. Prior to Melissa (Barbara Pollard), there was Calvin, the leader of the drug ring operating in the Virgin River area, who lured Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) into his illicit cannabis business (well, technically, into the lumberyard front for his illicit cannabis business). After his boat blew up in Season 4, we assumed he was dead. However, it turns out that wasn’t the last of him. But there is still the question: who tried to kill him?

According to sources, Melissa was the one who tried to kill Calvin in the Virgin River. Melissa is actually Nick‘s sister, and Nick is the investor in Jack’s new glamping venture. She attends a dinner honoring their new business with Jack, Mel, Nick, and Jo Ellen, setting up a potential conflict.

Calvin, in the Virgin River, is still alive. celebsindepth.comCalvin, in the Virgin River, is still alive.
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Prior to his apparent death (which didn’t happen), Calvin, Brady’s former employer at the lumber yard, appeared to be in charge of the drug trade. He is, by all accounts, a horrible person. Brady initially joins the company with him after deciding to leave Jack’s after a disagreement. In the earlier seasons, there was a pretty significant breach between them, and at one point, he even tainted the food at his bar.

After Calvin vanished from view, the big boss arrived in town to conduct business. And that large, terrifying employer is none other than Melissa Montgomery, an older woman who comes across as kind and whose brother, Virgin River native Nick (Keith MacKechnie), partners with Jack in the glamping industry (and who appears to be unaware of what his sister was involved in).

We thought Calvin was dead when Virgin River Season 4 ended. He does, however, emerge in the closing seconds of Virgin River Season 5. He just tells Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley), who is already a dubious figure, who he is. Now the plot gets more complicated. He admits that he is not only alive but also that he appears to think he is the father of Charmaine‘s twins.

As per Reddit, Calvin From Virgin River Is the Father of Charmaine’s Twins!

You’ll get why Charmaine lied about Jack being their father after you learn who Charmaine’s babies’ real father is: It’s actually drug lord Calvin (David Cubitt), who we assumed had passed away but who, surprise!, is still alive and eager to be a part of his children’s lives.

Calvin is the father of Charmaine's twins. celebsindepth.comCalvin is the father of Charmaine’s twins.
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With this revelation, our mouths literally fell open. We still need to learn a lot more about this story. We must first determine whether Calvin is actually the father or if he merely thinks he is the biological father the children. We also need to understand the nature of their relationship. During their brief encounter, Charmaine showed signs of fear toward him, which suggests that their romance, if there was one, didn’t last. The twin father (which is said to be Calvin) was the topic of a Reddit conversation, and one member stated,

Yes, the father thing is shocking, and I almost overlooked the body. They would be fascinating.

While another user wrote,

We are not bringing up the fact that Calvin is a) the father of the Charmains twins. People in this sub have it marked on their bingo cards, so congrats! And b) did you want to get associated with them?

A third user commented;

In all honesty, I’m simply bummed that there are so many cliffhangers, that there are only two episodes remaining, and that season 6 hasn’t even begun production yet.