xQc’s New Girlfriend in 2023: Is She Fran Ow? What Happened With Adept?

Jun 5, 2023 @ 6:21 GMT-0500
xQc’s New Girlfriend in 2023: Is She Fran Ow? What Happened With Adept? celebsindepth.com

xQc has revealed of having a new girlfriend in 2023. Although he has not revealed any details about his new girlfriend, fans linked him with Fran after pictures of them kissing went viral. Adept and xQc, a streaming duo, were known to have an on-again, off-again relationship over the last few years, but they split in late 2022.

We are all aware of xQc's ongoing drama with his ex-girlfriend, Adept. Adept, a well-known Twitch broadcaster, recently revealed that she and a  fellow streamer had been married for three years after a blistering outburst during one of their shows. Adept shared several previously unreleased details about the two Twitch streamers' relationship, in addition to the length of their connection.

However, xQc has now moved on with his new girlfriend. Now that he has confirmed he is seeing someone new, xQc also appears to have moved past the controversy surrounding his former relationship with Adept. Fans have been interested in him since his ongoing drama with his ex-girlfriend, and after hearing the news of his new girlfriend, fans want to learn in detail about his partner. So let's get into detail.

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xQc Has a New Girlfriend but Hasn’t Revealed Any Details About Her in 2023!

Popular Twitch broadcaster xQc (@xqcow1) revealed something about his new girlfriend in 2023 during one of his most recent streams. So who has he moved on with after his controversial breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Adept (@adeptthebest)? Who is the lucky girl? Don't worry, here are the details of his new girlfriend, so let us get into detail about his new relationship.

The streamer, xQc shared a lot of information with his viewers, and his videos weren't well received at the time by his ex-girlfriend, who chastised him for denying her any privacy. After his broadcast, he was discussing what has been going on in his life with his chat when he revealed the most recent piece of information about it. He said;

It's irritating. Simply put, it's been like a nightmare having a new girlfriend. It has truly been a nightmare. Like. All of it.

xQc have a new girlfriend in 2023. celebsindepth.comxQc have a new girlfriend in 2023.
Source: Instagram

With that being all he stated, fans were left to speculate as to who his new girlfriend was when he had to move yet again, leading some to believe he had relocated to Texas. Fans were naturally interested in learning who his new girlfriend was, as this is a sentimental gesture following his highly publicized separation from Adept in September. However, he has not revealed any details about his new girlfriend.

Due to his ongoing controversy with his ex-girlfriend, Adept, xQc might have kept his new girlfriend a secret. He didn't want her to be involved in any kind of controversy, so he might have remained silent regarding his identity. Because you're an entertainment sensation, fans notice and gossip about your daily life, and his new girlfriend might be a private person who doesn't like unnecessary attention.

We'll let you know if he decides to provide any information about his new love interest. If the streamer decides to unveil his new girlfriend, we'll be sure to keep you updated.

Fran Ow Is Considered xQc’s Rumored New Girlfriend!

xQc is rumored to be dating Fran Ow (@frana_ow) after pictures of them kissing went viral. But Fran, a former Overwatch broadcaster, deleted her social media accounts after publishing a photo of herself kissing xQc. Although the reason for deactivating her accounts is unclear, admirers believe Fran to be his new lover.

Shortly after the criticism, she decided to stop streaming, claiming that she was going to relocate back home and take care of her parents. A few months later, she started screaming once more, but this time she was less serious and focused more on other games.

xQc's new girlfriend might be Fran Ow is, as they were kissing. celebsindepth.comxQc's new girlfriend might be Fran Ow, as they were kissing.
Source: Dexerto

Many individuals took screenshots of the now-deleted message, even though the cause for this deletion is now unknown. Many people have assumed that xQc and Fran are dating, even though he hasn't confirmed their connection. We hope to hear news of their relationship in the coming days.

What Happened Between xQc and His Ex-girlfriend Adept?

For those who may not be aware, Adept and xQc are now going through a divorce that is anything but amicable. Despite early requests for secrecy from both sides, many of the related deals have been widely published. The pair, a streaming duo, were known to have an on-again, off-again relationship over the last few years, but their split in late 2022 has unquestionably proved to be their final one, with any sort of reconciliation appearing to be totally out of the question.

xQc and his ex-girlfriend Adept split in late 2022. celebsindepth.comxQc and his ex-girlfriend Adept split in late 2022.
Source: Distractify

Just a few weeks after they initially kissed on the broadcast to announce their romance, they unfollowed one another. Adept and xQc split up in a highly publicized and acrimonious way. She asserts that they were married for three years despite his denials, and he contends that she is preventing him from taking care of the payments for his Texas home. They are obviously at odds with one another. Although the streamer and his relationship with her have received a lot of attention since their public separation, it appears he has now moved on.

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