Bleaching Accusations in Young, Famous and African: Zari Hassan & Khanyi Mbau Bleached Their Skin?

Few cast members of Young, Famous, and African have been accused of bleaching their skin. While Khanyi Mbau openly admits the accusation, Zari Hassan does not.

Previously, South Africans’ flocked to the defense of local actress Khanyi Mbau, one of the casts of Netflix‘s Young, Famous & African, after a UK woman posted before and after photos of the actress’ skin bleaching technique and branded it embarrassing. Many others took to Twitter to condemn the women for passing judgment on Khanyi’s decision to bleach her skin, especially when her Twitter account reads protect black girls and Women. Well, read on to learn more.

Young Famous and African: While Khanyi Mbau Admits to Bleaching Her Skin, Zari Hassan Denies All of the Allegations!

Khanyi Mbau (@mbaureloaded) from Netflix’s mega-hit reality series Young, Famous, and African is said to have beached her skin. According to speculations, the South African native began bleaching her skin following a bad breakup that left her anxious about her dark skin because her previous lover deserted her for a light-skinned black lady.

Unlike Zari Hassan, who denies to all the bleaching accusations, Khanyi has never shied away from admitting that she bleaches her skin. She claims that all she wants is to have a lighter complexion. She recently stated that she was weary of using commercial skin creams and that as a result, she will begin manufacturing her own line of skin-lightening products.

Khanyi Mbau before and after bleaching her skin. celebsindepth.comKhanyi Mbau before and after bleaching her skin.
Image Source: All About The Tea

However, it was a hard year on Twitter for Khanyi Mbau, who once has been at the top of the trending list since her Netflix reality TV show. Meanwhile, the Young, Famous, and African cast was previously chastised by an American influencer for the poor quality of her wigs, and now she is being chastised by a UK woman for bleaching her skin. Likely, one woman with the handle (@thetwerkinggirl) took to Twitter and published a photo of Khanyi before she began bleaching her skin and another after the process was completed with the captioned,

Absolutely ridiculous. Honestly, it’s embarrassing af.

Khanyi Mbau's latest picture. celebsindepth.comKhanyi Mbau’s latest picture.
Image Source: Instagram

The post quickly went viral, and soon South Africans were racing to the comment area to condemn the woman behind the tweet. The comments became too much for the woman, who later altered her app’s privacy settings. Where one user commented,

Oh God another fake woke black girl, just mind your fvkin business and let people do whatever the fvk they want with their bodies. You black people are problematic af stfu and live your life, you’re not a melanin God #YoungFamousAfrican #YoungFamousAndAfrican.

Another added,

I believe one doesn’t have a right to condemn skin bleaching whilst wearing western-influenced fake hair. Just because your issue is more socially acceptable doesn’t make it better. Both of y’all are suffering from the same thing…

However, other people offered their opinions on skin bleaching, its risks, and how it affects women all over the world. They agreed with the woman.

Will There Be Season 3 of Young, Famous, and African?

With Netflix dropping the second season of  Young, Famous, and African in May 2023, it appears they have yet to determine whether or not to renew for a third season.

The show follows a group of young, well-known media personalities in Johannesburg as they hunt for new jobs and chances while balancing their personal lives and relationships. This is the first South African Netflix reality show that was released via the streaming site.

Netflix renewed the show for a second season, indicating that they saw potential in the notion, but the shine can wear off quickly with this type of content. Furthermore, season two introduced a couple of new characters for fans including Bonana Matheba, a media personality known as “Queen B,” Fantana, a Ghanaian musician, and Luis Munana, a Namibian TV producer and entrepreneur.

The show is not doing well on IMDB, with a score of 4.9/10 at the time of writing, and there are a few nasty pieces about the show in the reviews, but that does not necessarily mean that it will not be renewed. It will all come down to viewing hours and show completion rate, as usual, and that information will be gathered before a final judgment is made.