Ysabel Jordan

Ysabel Jordan was born on 9 February 2014 to her parents Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto, who got married in April of 2013. Ysabel was born a healthy kid, and her profile was done by multiple news outlets and tabloid papers. After the birth of the child, the representative from the family gave a statement where he made it clear the family was overjoyed and happy with how everything turned out.

Ysabel was Born with Her Twin Sister

Ysabel and Victoria Jordan as a child.Ysabel was born with her twin sister Victoria.
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Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto announced the pregnancy, got married in April of 2013, and seven months later, the duo revealed they were expecting their first child in November of 2013. After a long delivery process in West Palm Beach, Florida, Yvette gave birth to identical twins, and the couple named them Ysabel and Victoria Jordan.

This was the couple’s first children together and Michael’s fourth and fifth, respectively. The two kids live with their father in Florida, where Michael owns a newly refurbished and redesigned secluded mansion. Perfect for their privacy and for the kids to grow, away from the eyes of the media.

Who are Ysabel Jordan’s Parents Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto?

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto were married in 2013.Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan were married in 2013.
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Michael Jordan, is known the world over, people may know what he looks like, but they know his brand, and he played basketball. This is the power of Michael, some people don’t even know who he is but talk about his greatness and his legacy, and it was because of the brand he built which transcended sports a long time ago and made its way into the livelihoods of the people.

Just like people can tell, three rings together in a row is an Audi car; they know the Jumpman logo means it is Air Jordan. The name was developed while Michael Jordan was dominating the NBA.

Michael Jordan won six NBA titles.Michael went to six NBA finals and won all six.
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Playing for the NBA team Chicago Bulls, the player won six world titles, two three-peats, and no finals loss in his resume led most people to crown Michael Jordan, the greatest player in the world. He not only achieved success on the court but was also able to make a massive career for himself outside of basketball.

Jordan shoes are the best-selling commodity in the Nike repertoire, and the Air Jordan brand is one of the lucrative source for the sports apparel company. All of this allowed Michael Jordan to amass a net worth of nearly $2 billion.

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto are married for over six years now.Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto met in a Miami Night Club and fell in love.
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Michael met Yvette in a Miami club about six years ago in 2007. He was recently divorced from his first wife, and the two formed an instant connection. Yvette was a model from Cuba who moved to the United States to pursue her dream & career and met Michael.

The couple moved in together in 2009, and so began their romance, which deepened when Michael proposed, and the couple got engaged during the Christmas period in 2011. They got married in 2013, and in 2014, the two bundles of joy were born.

Will Ysabel Jordan be in Michael Jordan Documentary The Last Dance

Ysabel Jordan’s father Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players in the world. During his final year playing for the Chicago Bulls, a camera crew from ESPN followed the player and his team around as they attempted to complete a second threepeat. The footage of the documentary was never released and it remained in the ESPN vault for almost two-decade.

Finally, Michael gave the green light and with new footage shot by Jason Hehir, the documentary was released in April of 2020 in association with Netflix. The Last Dance covers the life of Michael Jordan the player but little emphasis is given to his family life. Michael is seen playing with his sons in Paris but the documentary does not focus on the current personal life of the basketball icon.

Ysabel Jordan will no appear in The Last Dance, and neither will her mother Yvette Prieto or her twin sister Victoria Jordan. The director of the documentary said he was not looking to include family members to tell the story of the legendary Bulls. Either way, Michael is extremely private about his wife and daughters so he may have had some hand in the three not appearing in the now beloved documentary.

The Meaning of Ysabel’s Name, Her Ethnicity, and Her Siblings

Image result for ysabel jordanThere is a reason behind naming their daughter Ysabel.
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Ysabel was not named out of whim, but a lot of thought went into the naming process of the little girl. She was named Ysabel because it meant “Gift from God,” which is a beautiful sentiment and message for the little child. There are other meanings to the name, too; in Spanish, the name means “God is plenty,” which is slightly different, but the gist meaning of the name is the same.

Ysabel and her sister Victoria are of Cuban descent, pertaining to the fact their mother is Cuban. They are mixed race because their father is of African-America ethnicity, and their mother is Latin.

Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy were parents to their three kids.Juanita Vanoy, the ex-wife of Michael Jordan, gave birth to three kids while the two were still married.
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Like we mentioned above, Ysabel was born with a twin sister, but she is not her only sibling. Michael Jordan was married for 17 years to Juanita Vanoy, which ended in the couple getting a divorce in 2006.

The marriage between the two bore three children, two older boys, and one younger daughter. The couple’s sons Jeffrey, 30, and Marcus, 28, both played college basketball but were not able to go pro, whereas Michael’s first daughter Jasmine 26 was not involved in playing the game.

Jasmine Jordan gave birth to her first son.Jasmine Jordan gave birth to her first child in 2019.
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Ysabel and all of the Jordan children also recently became uncles and aunts when Jasmine gave birth to a son in May 2019. Michael Jordan also became a grandfather this year after the couple Rakeem Christmas and Jasmine Jordan welcomed their first child together.

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