Abbey’s Age From Love on the Spectrum: Is Her Spectrum Fake? – Abbey from Love on the Spectrum was born on May 17, 1998; she is currently 25 years old. Many people claim her spectrum disease to be fake as she looks completely normal. But to let you know, she was diagnosed with autism when she was just 2 years old and has worked hard to get where she is today.

Netflix‘s Love on the Spectrum is a reality dating series that follows a group of people with autism as they negotiate the naturally difficult world of dating, shedding insight into what this process is like for them. As season 2 of the show premiered, we can see season 1 cast Abigail “Abbey” Romeo Lutes returned to the show.

Since the news, many viewers have been curious to know more about Abbey’s personal life and background, including her age. Likely, some even believe her spectrum is fake. So, if you’re here looking for the same answer, we’ve got you covered.

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Born on May 17, 1998, Abbey Romeo From Love on the Spectrum Is Currently 25 Years Old

Abbey Romeo (@hatsbyabbey) from Love on the Spectrum is a 25-year-old television personality who was born on May 17, 1998, in Los Angeles, California. She has not revealed many specifics about her personal life on the show but we discovered that she is the daughter of, Christine Romeo. She also has two sisters, Casey Kelley, who is an entrepreneur and activist living in Los Angeles, and Mary Romeo, who is also a businesswoman.

Abbey is currently 25 years old. celebsindepth.comAbbey is currently 25 years old.
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When we initially encountered Abbey, her love of her family, Disney films, and wildlife made her appear to be soaring on cloud nine. Though she admitted to relating to Ariel from The Little Mermaid, she said that if she is unable to express her thoughts correctly, it seems as if her voice has been snatched from her. That’s why this lion lover wanted a friend who not only understood her but was also comparable in certain ways, motivating her to engage with an autistic expert to improve her communication abilities.

Once Abbey was finally ready to go on her hunt for love again she met David (@david_loveonthespectrum), who was just as adorable and fascinated by animals as she was. They had their first date at the zoo when he discovered that his favorite creature was also a lion and that he had seen them in the wild in Africa while on vacation with his family.

From beautiful talks about their common interests to natural pauses, and him proposing a vacation to Africa to gifting her a flamingo bracelet, everything contributed to their date being a success, leading to much more.

The couple’s second date took place at a wildlife refuge called Lion, Tigers, and Bears, which is the latter’s favorite place, and he gave her an elephant-themed item and hat.

However, it was their shared experience of feeding the animals that pulled them closer together, especially as David promised to protect Abbey from harm before they held hands and kissed on the cheek. The fact that they later met on a beach to hang out, interact more intimately, meet Abbey’s pet dog, and do other things proved that they were on the correct track.

As a result, it came as no surprise when Abbey later invited David home to celebrate Christmas, where they not only exchanged beautiful, meaningful gifts but also agreed to become official. As if that wasn’t enough, their loved ones became closer, and they ended up making that trip to Africa in 2022.

The fact that they are already discussing marriage is a huge advantage, but it is their unwavering care, kindness, respect, and understanding for one another that keeps them together. The couple has also recently celebrated their second anniversary together. We genuinely look forward to seeing what lies ahead for them because they sincerely support their contention that he is her lion and she is his lioness. We wish them much success in the years ahead.

Is Abbey Romeo’s Spectrum Fake? Love on the Spectrum Update!

In the first episode of the American edition of Love on the Spectrum, viewers meet Abbey Romeo Lutes, an L.A.-based woman with Autism who enjoys Disney princesses, her dog Clementine, and zoo animals. According to reports, she was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. Since then, she has consistently pushed harder than other children to fit in. Her spectrum isn’t fake.

Abbey's spectrum is not fake. celebsindepth.comAbbey’s spectrum is not fake.
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Later, when she was 14 years old, she began her journey to understand her autism which began with her characterising her brain as stupid and wanting to take it out, leading her to the conclusion that a small girl resides within her brain and is the one with autism who misbehaves with everyone but herself.

Furthermore, she has worked extremely hard to get where she is today, including thousands of hours of speech and occupational therapy alongside mentors and teachers who have helped her achieve her goals.