Candida From Love on the Spectrum: Reddit Update

Jan 23, 2024 @ 5:25 GMT-0500
Candida From Love on the Spectrum: Reddit Update - Candida, whom Steve dated for a short period in Season 1 of Love on the Spectrum US, lacked a sense of humor, according to many Reddit users. They believe she was the reason why their connection didn't work. Well, let's discuss what happened while she was on the Netflix show in detail.

Love on the Spectrum U.S. on Netflix is both upfront and insightful, following a group of people with autism as they negotiate the challenging world of dating in search of a loving spouse. After all, this spin-off of the eponymous Australian original not only addresses misconceptions about their life but also underlines that everyone, regardless of differences, needs care and respect.

Following the success of the first season, the US version also got renewed for the second season and has finally arrived on the streaming platform. While viewers are obsessed with the newcomers, we have discovered a lot of viewers are still concerned about the cast of Season 1.

Steve from Season 1 is often considered to be one of the most favorite contestants of the show. Surprisingly, he is also a part of the second season. While his whereabouts are available all over the Internet, we have found that some people are curious to know about Candida, whom he dated briefly in Season 1. Well, we've got you covered.

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All About Candida From Love on the Spectrum: Reddit Update!

In Season 1 of Love on the Spectrum, Steve navigated dating apps and ultimately decided to go on a date with two women; Candida and Connie. While it didn't take much time for him to reject Candida, things got a little serious between him and Connie. Just like that, Candida disappeared from the show for once and all.

However, some people still remember her as her and Steve's date was very awkward. She didn't laugh or react to any of Steve's jokes while they were on a date. Steve, being the oldest yet sweetest cast, did his best to make her laugh and make a connection. Candida appeared as if she wasn't interested and the two mutually decided to part ways.

Candida and Steve going on a date in Love on the Spectrum. celebsindepth.comCandida and Steve going on a date in Love on the Spectrum.
Image Source: Netflix

While there isn't much to discuss about her time in Love on the Spectrum, some Reddit users have expressed that Candida's lack of humor was the reason they didn't feel a connection. Taking to a Reddit discussion, one user wrote,

Whoever he ends up must appreciate his puns. I knew it wouldn't work w Candida when she didn't laugh at the oh coy joke.

Similarly, another wrote,

I didn’t like candida she looked mean and awkward , she didn’t get Steve’s humor he was so sweet while she looked very ehhh

As for her current whereabouts, we unfortunately do not have any information about her, including her Instagram handle. What about Steve though? Did he find a partner in Season 2?

Well, Steve went on a date with Sharona in Season 2, who he thought had a strong attraction to him. However, it didn't work out for them. Steve is still out on dates and looking for that special someone.

What Does Steve Do for a Living?

It's unclear what Steve Spitz's profession is outside of his appearances on Love on the Spectrum U.S. However, Steve is in his mid-sixties and, if he hasn't already retired, he will most likely do so shortly. Although we don't know Steve's precise occupation, we do know a little bit about his family.

Steve's father, Harold Spitz, was a long-time publisher of Guest Informant, an in-house magazine established in San Francisco and distributed in luxury hotels worldwide. Harold served as a radioman in the United States Navy during WWII before joining Guest Informant, which Steve's grandfather created.

Steve and his father, Harold Spitz. celebsindepth.comSteve and his father, Harold Spitz. 
Image Source: Instagram

He took over in 1962, and the magazine expanded to many places around the world. He retired after 58 years with the publication and died in 2005. It is not thought that Steve never became involved in his father's firm.

Steve also has two sisters: Suzanne and Michele. We also know that Michele is a voiceover artist, public speaker, and philanthropist who advocates for media accessibility and disability awareness.

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