Alabama Barker’s Boob Job: Check Out Her Reaction!

Jun 29, 2023 @ 8:23 GMT-0500
Alabama Barker’s Boob Job: Check Out Her Reaction!

Alabama Barker has been accused of having a boob job. She had small boobs, but now they are bigger, which generated concern and criticism as she is too young to undergo breast augmentation. Fans started commenting about her transformation and criticizing her, but she also gave the backfire to the haters. She even called them to stop the rumors.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian recently announced they are having their first child together, in case you missed it (though we honestly don't know how you could have missed it). Kourtney was spotted in the crowd at Travis' Blink-182 concert on June 16 in Los Angeles holding up a placard that read, Travis, I'm Pregnant," a reference to his band's "All the Small Things" song video. And they recently announced the gender of the baby infront of whole family.

After recent party, Alabama Barker, 17, the daughter of Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler, caught attention and has been the center of gossip. Many have said that she has indeed undergone a boob job. This is not the first time she has been targeted; many people have talked about her transformation before. So is it true? Did she follow in the footsteps of her new mother, Kourtney?

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Alabama Barker Seems to Have Undergone a Boob Job!

Alabama Barker, (@alabamabarker) the daughter of Travis Barker (@travisbarker), has been the subject of rumors about her boob job. She danced on TikTok on Tuesday wearing a bikini and a knit poncho with Rastafarian hues. Her followers immediately criticized the budding rapper's look. Many people even talked about her transformation.

Alabama Barker is rumored to have a boob job. celebsindepth.comAlabama Barker is rumored to have a boob job.
Source: Instagram

Eyes are on Alabama Barker for her boob job. Since Alabama was born in December of that year and would go on to appear in the reality television series Meet the Barkers, which aired for two seasons beginning in April 2005, her rise to fame essentially began at the time of her birth. Later, in 2008, their parents separated, which strained Landon and her connection with their mother.

So Alabama Barker has been in the news since she was born, and fans notice every change she has undergone. She recently published a new batch of images to her Instagram account in which she is dressed in an incredibly improper way. She dressed in a tight black miniskirt and crop top that revealed the teen's underboob.

Black boots that reached her knees and a couple silver chains around her neck completed the 17-year-old's attire. She is posing and gazing blankly into the camera in the first image. She is seen reaching for her phone in the second candid image, and in the third image, she is seen turning the camera off. Alabama had on her trademark darkly overlined lips and thick false lashes.

Alabama Barker now has bigger boobs after undergoing breast augmentation. celebsindepth.comAlabama Barker now has bigger boobs after undergoing breast augmentation.
Source: Instagram

Alabama Barker's having a breast augmentation and enhancing her breasts has become very obvious among her followers. The ones who follow her on social media are very aware that she very much likes to wear cleavage-baring outfits because she is often dressed in tight tops that are revealing and emphasize her breasts. You cannot miss them. And seeing that she didn't used to look that huge in the chest area, people think she has had breast implants or boob Job. She, however, has not accepted the rumors, and she is just 17, so we can't jump to conclusions.

Alabama Barker’s Reaction to Boob Job Rumors!

Alabama Barker has been criticized on social media for her boob job, and she is not the one to take it. She has replied to the trolls too. She had on her trademark dark, overlined lips and huge artificial eyelashes at that point. She used the lines from Lil Durk's song "Home Body" as the caption for her post: "Ya, I've been flying since I was 15 without a co-pilot." When her images appeared on Instagram and Reddit, fans of the Hulu reality show family became more concerned for the teen. One user said,

"You look lovely, but a 17-year-old shouldn't be wearing this.

Some advised her to hide the body because she is only 17 years old. I couldn't even scroll to the next picture, said a fourth person. To witness a young person acting as though she is thirty is absolutely revolting. That gives me all the information I need about Alabama's parents. What a disgrace they are.

Travis Barker has asked to stop commenting about her transformation. celebsindepth.comTravis Barker has asked to stop commenting about her transformation.
Source: Instagram

Alabama Barker has previously been charged with blackfishing. She said this in January after posting a TikTok video of her dancing with her black girl friends to YN Jay's "Perc & Sex" that garnered criticism. "Even though I do not need to explain all of the negative assumptions about us, it's absurd to see a group of friends just having a good time give so many grown adults a topic to talk about," she added. She even showed middle finger to media.

Well, we should also note that she is a 17-year-old kid and is too young to undergo a boob job. The difference in size might be due to growing as puberty hits, and it is common for girls to have changes in breast size with the change in age. However, we will let her discuss it.

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