Why was Alex Burton Replaced by Aaron Stanford as Pyro in X-Men 2? Facts About Sexual Assault Claims Against Bryan Singer's Associates

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Actor Alex Burton Replaced as Pyro in X-Men 2 by Aaron Stanford - Facts About Sexual Assault Claims Against Bryan Singer's Associates

X-Men was, for all intents and purposes, the movie which pushed against the notion that comic book movies were worthless, both critically and commercially. But the start of comic book renaissance in 99/00 was also tied with a dark story behind the scene. The moment after the movie came out, Alex Burton (actor) claimed he was sexually assaulted by three men while working in the X-Men.

Bryan Singer was a respected director, who is lauded for his comic book knowledge and know-how of handling big-budget sci-fi flicks. But as years have passed, there have been multiple reports where the director allegedly offered roles to young boys during parties where sexual abuse of minors allegedly took place.

Actor Alex Burton was one of the actors who won a role in the X-Men movie, and there has been sexual connotation to the offering of the role, ever since. Here are facts about the replacement of Alex Burton from the role on Pyro in X-Men 2.

Aaron Stanford Replaced Alex Burton for the Role of Pyro in X-Men 2

In 2020, there would be thousands lining up for even a small screen role in a Marvel movie, let alone a villainous mutant. But two decades ago, the enthusiasm was not there among actors. Even directors did not want to make a comic book movie when Bryan Singer came along, and instead of doing an Alien film, he ended up working on X-Men for Fox.

Most of the roles of cast and even after multiple rewrites and delays Pyro needed someone. Actor Alex Burton was hired to play the role of Pyro. He appeared in the first X-Men movie as the fire power-wielding mutant. But when Fox renewed the film for a second part with Pyro’s role being expanded, the role was recast.

Aaron Stanford was hired to make the villainous turn with the character in the second movie. At the time, the reason given for Alex Burton being dumped was, “Alex Burton was a terrific day player as young Pyro. But when it came to doing the sequel, Bryan needed the character of Pyro to appear older and go through a darker transition where he ultimately becomes a villain.”

Bryan Singer’s representative gave their point of view, but you cannot deny that Alex was dropped from the second movie because he filed a lawsuit against Bryan’s friends for sexual assault. Alex Burton was working for DEN (Digital Entertainment Media) when he claimed he was drugged and sexually assaulted by Bryan’s three friends. This was most likely the reason why Alex Burton was replaced in X-Men 2.

Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Bryan Singer’s Associates

Marc Colling-Rector was named in the sexual assault lawsuit brought in 2000s.Marc Colling-Rector was named in the sexual assault lawsuit brought in 2000s.
Source: Wikipedia

Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) was one of the digital video platforms which rose during the dot com bubble. The company was backed by the likes of Microsoft, Dell, and Chase Capital Partners, with the company being valued at over $50 million.

The company was also looking to go public in 1999 with a $75 million IPO offering, but things quickly went sideways for the company when three members of the executive heads were named in a lawsuit about sexual assault. Marc Collins-Rector, Chad Shackley, and Brock Pierce were said to have drugged and sexually assaulted minors.

Two DEN employees who were 18 or below at the time of their assault said the three executives took them to their retreat in Encino, California, where they were assaulted. Alex Burton later filed his own lawsuit against the three, but Bryan was only implicated by association.

But there were more reports coming out later about Bryan Singer and his parties. According to Buzzfeed, quoting a New York Post story (not available online), Alex Burton got the role of Pyro after, “a hot tub session at a Hollywood party.” The actor has not appeared in a movie ever since, with his solo IMDb credit being X-Men.

Alex Burton Wiki – Who is the Pyro Actor from the First X-Men Movie?

Alex Burton was born on 15 May 1981. He is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Alex became an actor in 2000 when he appeared in the first X-Men movie. X-Men was his first and only movie credit to date. We were unable to find his Instagram page, and the former actor has receded from his brief time in the spotlight.

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