Mika Cavanaugh Get Even Actress Emily Carey – 5 Facts You Need to Know

Emily Carey was born on 20 April 2003 to her parents in Barnet, England. From a young age, she fell in love with the arts and performing. The stage was her go-to vice before her age even reached double digits, and through theatre work, she was discovered and later found her way in front of the camera, appearing in movies and TV shows.

The young actress appeared in music videos, played younger versions of characters in blockbuster movies, and starred in web series. Her career has been blossoming over the past few years, with Emily showing no signs of fatigue or even a desire to slow down now.

Emily Carey Plays Mika Cavanaugh in the Netflix Series Get Even

BBC iPlayer series Get Even was released on 14 February 2020. The show was an adaptation from a novel of the same name. Created by Holly Phillips, the show was watched by over a million streamers on the British streaming platform. Now, Netflix is bringing Get Even to the masses as it will be available for viewing this summer.

The series adaptation of Get Even available on Netflix follows the lives of four high school kids. They come together to form a secret society called DGM (Don’t Get Mad, Get Even). The purpose of the secret society is to expose high school bullies by playing elaborate practical pranks. But things take a dark turn when a student gets murdered, and DGM is framed for the murder.

Emily Carey plays Mika Cavanaugh in the Netflix series Get Even.Emily Carey plays Mika Cavanaugh in the Netflix series Get Even.
Source: Emily Carey Instagram

Emily Carey plays Mika Cavanaugh in the Netflix series. Mika Cavanaugh is a simple girl who is like most teenagers of the modern world. She loves taking pictures, but those pictures are what gets her in trouble as her private photos get stolen and posted online. This results in Mika Cavanaugh getting bullied and shamed in school.

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Netflix is releasing the new show on 31 July 2020. Kim Adis leads Get Even Netflix cast as Kitty Wei, Mia McKenna-Bruce as Bree Deringer, Bethany Antonia as Margot Rivers, Jessica Alexander as Olivia Hayes, with Joe Flynn as Ronny Kent, Emily Carey as Mika Cavanaugh, Kit Clarke as Logan, Jake Dunn as Christopher Beeman, Joe Ashman as Rex Cavanaugh, Ayumi Spyrides as Camilla, Priya Blackburn as Meera, Joelle Bromidge as Jemima and Razan Nassar as Amber also appearing.

Emily Carey was Discovered at the Age of 8

Emily Carey always wanted to be on stage. She wanted to be an actress, but there are always limited chances to go around. Her passion for stage was due to her parents, as Emily grew up in a theatre-loving household. Passion followed by a lucky spotting by an agent was what did it for Emily.

She soon appeared in Shrek The Musical at the age of nine, and after getting representation, it was all about working hard and making the best of her opportunities. Her dedication was to be an actress, and getting an agent helped out majorly for the aspiring young actress.

Emily Trained for Nine Weeks to Play Young Diana in Wonder Woman

Emily Carey played young Diana in the Warner Bros. movie Wonder Woman.Emily Carey played young Diana in the Warner Bros. movie Wonder Woman.
Source: Emily Carey Instagram

Over the years, the filmography of Emily Carey has been diverse, and she has also managed to transition to Hollywood films. Emily has played young Diana in Wonder Woman and young Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. But for her role of Diana, the actress had to go through a long training process.

According to Emily, she was involved in nine weeks to training, which included sword fighting. She only appeared in one scene of the movie, but Emily trained for nine weeks for the said scene. The actress also said she made some friends during her time on set playing the young Amazonian princess.

Emily was Offered the Role of Anastasia After Her Performance in Wonder Woman

The producer and director of Anastasia saw a screening of Wonder Woman, where they watched Emily. She was impressive enough from a single scene that the people being Anastasia wanted her to play a leading role in their movie.

Anastasia is about Anastasia Romanova, the lost princess of Russia, who was rumored to have escaped in 1918 before her family was killed. The movie is a twist in the story, and Emily Carey plays the titular role in the film, which was distributed over video streaming platforms.

Emily Loves doing Charity Work

Emily Carey likes to raise awareness about social causes through her social media pages.Emily Carey likes to raise awareness about social causes through her social media pages.
Source: Emily Carey Instagram

Emily Carey is involved in charity work and raising awareness about various causes. She was involved with the #MyBrave campaign, which was done in unison with the Children’s Trust. The campaign’s idea was to tell brave stories about children in difficult situations and utilize people’s help to get through difficult situations.

The Mika Cavanaugh actress worked with the campaign for a while. She also worked with the Royal Marsden Hospital, and recently she was seen voicing her support for various organizations working on preventing police brutality and helping victims of police brutality.

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