Kitty Wei Actress Kim Adis from Get Even – 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Actress

Kim Adis always had an eye for the beauty of that surrounds us. She wanted to capture the beauty of the world, stop the time, and relive the moments. Something Kim found soothing and relaxing about the world of art: Kim wanted to be a part of it, whether it was through still images or moving pictures.

The idea of becoming an actress was not something Kim grew up with. But once she got the taste of performing for audiences, acting felt natural for her. The young actress started her career in 2016, through music videos and short films and now is taking it a step further. So, here are five facts you need to know about Kim Adis.

Kim Adis Plays Kitty Wei in the Netflix Series Get Even

Though Kim Adis has appeared in a few productions over the past half-decade, the most important role of her career was in the BBC iPlayer series Get Even. The show was released for British audiences on 14 February 2020, but now Netflix is bringing the show to a larger audience this summer.

Get Even was adapted from the book of the same name and follows a group of girls studying at an elite British high school who go after bullies with elaborate practical pranks. But things take a dark turn when one of the prank marks is murdered, and the members of DGM (Don’t Get Mad, Get Even) are framed.

Kim Adis plays Kitty Wei in the Netflix series Get Even.Kim Adis plays Kitty Wei in the Netflix series Get Even.
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Kim Adis plays Kitty Wei in the Netflix series Get Even. Kitty Wei is a talented girl who is pressured to do better in high school by her parents. She is also one of the four members of DGM who are going after bullies in their school. Kitty Wei is aided by her three friends who also jump into action to prove their innocence in the murder case, which shakes the whole school.

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Netflix is releasing the new show on 31 July 2020. Kim Adis leads Get Even Netflix cast as Kitty Wei, Mia McKenna-Bruce as Bree Deringer, Bethany Antonia as Margot Rivers, Jessica Alexander as Olivia Hayes, with Joe Flynn as Ronny Kent, Emily Carey as Mika Cavanaugh, Kit Clarke as Logan, Jake Dunn as Christopher Beeman, Joe Ashman as Rex Cavanaugh, Ayumi Spyrides as Camilla, Priya Blackburn as Meera, Joelle Bromidge as Jemima and Razan Nassar as Amber also appearing.

Kim Adis was Born to Her Parents in the Philippines

Kim Adis is a 27 year old actress born in Philippines and raised in London.Kim Adis is a 27 year old actress born in Philippines and raised in London.
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Kim Adis was born on 10 January 1993 to her parents in Cebu City, Philippines. She was raised in a different culture during her childhood; something she considers has made her a better person in life. The culture clash between her time in the Philippines and the UK shaped her views and made her think that anything is possible.

Hardships are part of life, and Kim understands that, but through the different lives she has lived between the two places made Kim Adis a tenacious and free person. It has been almost two decades since her family moved to the UK from the Philippines.

Kim Adis moved to the UK at the Age of 8

The Kitty Wei actress was born in the Philippines, but at the age of eight, her family moved to the UK. Searching for a better life in the west, the Asian family packed their bags and immigrated to the British island. The change in the culture shaped the person Kim Adis grew up to become, culturally astute and fiercely independent.

Kim Adis Studied Journalism for her Bachelor’s

After finishing high school, Kim enrolled at the University of Westminster at the age of 17. She took Journalism as her major for the BA, later graduating in 2014 with her degree. It was also her time studying journalism that the actress started her training to become an actress.

She showed interest in the University of Westminster Drama & MT Society, while also doing workshops at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and Royal Shakespeare Company. Kim Adis is also 2018 alumni of Old Vic Theatre Summer School.

She has Huge Interest in Photography

Kim Adis loves photography and started taking interest at the age of 17.Kim Adis loves photography and started taking interest at the age of 17.

While Kim Adis studied journalism at the University of Westminster, the actress was also doing photography on the side. She was working as a photographer and also polishing her skills in taking pictures of the beauty that surrounds us all. “Capturing the People and the Places have always fascinated me,” the actress wrote on her photography blog.

“The slight gaze, a vast landscape, a candid laugh, a crooked smile, or a barren place that once lived. I love to freeze that image,” the Kitty Wei actress continued. Kim is also working on her ten-year recording project, which she is using to showcase beautiful stories.

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