Margot Rivers Actress Bethany Antonia from Get Even – 5 Facts You Need to Know About the British Actress

From a young age, the bug of performing bit Bethany Antonia. The idea of becoming an actress embedded itself firmly in her brain and the actress did everything in her power to get the attention she needed and the chances to start a career in show business.

At the age of 15 she landed her first role and representation came soon after. Everything was in place for the actress to realize her dream and coming from a modest family, Bethany took the opportunity with both hands. So, here are five facts you need to know about the new Netflix actress.

Bethany Antonia Plays Margot Rivers in the Netflix Series Get Even

Get Even is the new Netflix original series, acquired from BBC iPlayer, which was adapted from the book of the same name written by Gretchen McNeil. The show and its 10 episodes were already released in 14 February 2020 in the British Islands but Netflix is bringing the teen-thriller (think Elite meets 13 Reasons Why meets Mean Girls) to the worldwide audiences.

The new Netflix series is about a group of four girls who form a secret society called DGM (Don’t Get Mad, Get Even). They form the group in order to fight bullies by exposing them and playing practical pranks on them. But things take a dark turn when a prank mark is murdered and the girls are framed by the murderer.

Bethany Antonia plays Margot Rivers in the Netflix series Get Even.Bethany Antonia plays Margot Rivers in the Netflix series Get Even.
Source: Bethany Antonia Instagram

Bethany Antonia plays Margot Rivers in the Netflix series Get Even. Margot Rivers is a socially awkward girl who likes to play games and stay at home. This tendency also leads to her not making many friends, but Margot Rivers finds her tribe in DGM and the four girls go on a quest to expose bullies, until the point when they are framed for murder.

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According to the reports Netflix will premiere the new show on 31 July 2020. Kim Adis leads Get Even Netflix cast as Kitty Wei, Mia McKenna-Bruce as Bree Deringer, Bethany Antonia as Margot Rivers, Jessica Alexander as Olivia Hayes, with Joe Flynn as Ronny Kent, Emily Carey as Mika Cavanaugh, Kit Clarke as Logan, Jake Dunn as Christopher Beeman, Joe Ashman as Rex Cavanaugh, Ayumi Spyrides as Camilla, Priya Blackburn as Meera, Joelle Bromidge as Jemima and Razan Nassar as Amber also appearing.

Bethany Antonia is 22 Years Old; She was Born in Birmingham, England

Bethany Antonia was born on 25 December 1997 to her family in Birmingham, England. She is of mixed race and was born in a middle class family. Her mother Melanie Clarke works as a candlemaker in England.

She is a successful daughter of a proud mother, who said Bethany paved her own way after high school, deciding to start her career as an actress instead of going to drama school. It appears she made the right decision with her career as she appeared in her first movie at the age of 18.

The Margot Rivers Actress did not go to Drama School

Bethany Antonia appeared in her first movie Pin Cushion at the age of 18.Bethany Antonia appeared in her first movie Pin Cushion at the age of 18.
Source: Bethany Antonia Instagram

Most aspiring actors take drama school’s route in order to establish themselves as performers but for Bethany Antonia it was not the case. She did not want to walk the same road everyone else takes; instead Bethany tried to make it in the tough world of show business without formal training.

According to her mother, Bethany wanted to see if she could make it and if it were possible to do it without going to drama school, then even better. She went straight to auditions and four years later she is starring in Netflix shows and acclaimed movies. But now she is going to Musical Theatre School at Birmingham Ormiston Academy with her graduation dated for 2022.

Bethany Wrote Over 300 Letters to Talent Agents

Bethany Antonia wanted to be an actress from a young age and she also understood what it took to make it in the industry. An agent is a most to a budding career and Bethany knew that, which is why she sent over 300 letters to various talent agents, asking them to represent her.

Out of all the letters she wrote, two came back with replies and one of the agents decided to take her on. She got into commercials and her first movie role, in Pin Cushion alongside Lily Newmark, resulting in the Margot Rivers actress getting represented by a big London talent agency.

Watching Julie Walters made Bethany Antonia want to be an Actress

Bethany Antonia is a 22 year old actress from Birmingham, England.Bethany Antonia is a 22 year old actress from Birmingham, England.
Source: Bethany Antonia Instagram

Every actor has their moment of epiphany when they decide pursue a career in show business. For Bethany Antonia, it was watching Julie Walters at the age of 13. In an interview the actress said, “I used to watch Julie Walters and wanted to be an actress since the age of 13.”

Soon she started writing letters to agents and got her chance to vie for starring roles. She also has made an impact on the people she worked with; the director of Pin Cushion implored others to hire the Margot Rivers actress because of how talented she is.

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