Alex Pereira Is Single & Available in 2024! – Alex Pereira isn’t involved in romance these days. He has been single since he found out that his ex, Merle Christine, was already married.

Alex Pereira is a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist and former kickboxer who currently fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Light Heavyweight division. The current UFC Middleweight champion is the eighth fighter in UFC history to win championships in two different weight classes, and the first to do so in both middleweight and light heavyweight divisions.

With all of his success, Alex Pereira has recently become a topic of discussion on the internet because of his problematic relationship with his recent partner. So, if you want to know what took place between the two lovers, here’s everything you need to know.

Alex Pereira Abandoned His Previous Partner, Merle Christine, After He Found That She Was Already Married!

As of 2024, Alex Pereira is single and doesn’t have a girlfriend as he has not disclosed any details about his current relationship status following his last breakup.

Alex Pereira is currently single. celebsindepth.comAlex Pereira is currently single.
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To let you know, the UFC Light Heavyweight champion was previously in a relationship with Merle Christine last year after divorcing his at-the-time wife, with whom he had two children. However, the former couple eventually unfollowed one other on social media and removed images and videos of each other from their accounts.

Later, he revealed the truth behind their breakup in an interview with Full Send MMA earlier this year after being asked by many on the internet. Discussing the separation he revealed a surprising reason for discovering her at-the-time partner was already married. In his words:

Well it’s a little hard to talk about this. Because for me I already deleted this person from life. I would also like to ask fans to also delete her from your life. It was a person I believed, I put her in my house, with my family. After all, I found out, she was married.

Despite his emotional state, Alex Pereira maintained a stony demeanor when addressing this, and the news was truly startling and heartbreaking for viewers. Meanwhile, the LHW champion begged fans to forget about his former lover, just as he had done. Since the news broke, everyone has been talking about it nonstop, with opinions on both sides, mostly in support of him.

With the UFC fighter’s comments now added to the mix, the conversation is expected to heat up even more, despite his advice not to talk about it. While the former kickboxer requested followers to distance themselves from his ex-girlfriend and stop discussing it, Merle responded in kind, advising fans to stay away from making harsh remarks about their breakup and wishing him the best of luck in the future.

Merle Christine’s Responds After Splitting With Alex Pereira!

As the news of Alex Pereira and Merle Christine broke, MMA Hype News posted a statement on Instagram from his former beau begging fans to avoid making negative comments and rumors.

Alex Pereira split with Merle Christin after discovering she was already married. celebsindepth.comAlex Pereira split with Merle Christin after discovering she was already married. 
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Because of the constant conversation, she felt compelled to make a statement. In her message, she expressed her best wishes to Pereira and requested from the fans, saying, ‘Sometimes in life a relationship doesn’t work and people are deciding to take two different ways.’ She continued,

And I think it’s something everybody has to respect and it doesn’t mean that there is bad blood between these two people so I would appreciate it if people would stop to comment and to put some rumors on the internet. Most of it is not true and I wish Alex all the best and a lot of success in his career.

Meanwhile, shortly after the separation, Alex Pereira was seen with a mystery girl. He released a video of himself driving his Ferrari with a female named, Aline Antoniassi, which sparked speculation that she is his new lover. While this rumor has spread like wildfire, it has not been proven yet.

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