Timothy Birmingham’s Video About Her Partner Still Sleeping

Mar 3, 2024 @ 23:30 GMT-0500
Timothy Birmingham’s Video About Her Partner Still Sleeping celebsindepth.com

celebsindepth.com - Timothy Birmingham had a partner named Wendy, who passed away in 2016. He has shared a video entitled 'She is Still Sleeping' but actually she was dead, and he finds out later. His late better half had been battling cancer since 2006. People have shown so much love towards him and have even asked to show love towards the old man.

Timothy Birmingham is a food expert known for his self-titled YouTube channel. He eats foods and gives reviews on his channel, @btim50, where he has over 1.42 lakh subscribers. His varied collection of food evaluations and snack ideas, frequently combined with his own opinions and story times, has helped him gain massive popularity. But he was known world-wide from a video where he talked about his partner.

His content seems very generous; as an old man, he brings a smile to people's faces watching his video. He used to show his better half on his video and used to show her cooking style when she was working in the kitchen. And then he posted a video with the title 'She is Still Sleeping,' which is still so horrific and is even today talked about video over the internet on even Reddit. So let us get into detail and learn about her.

Timothy Birmingham’s Better Half Passed away in a Video Titled ‘She Is Still Sleeping'

Timothy Birmingham's wife, Wendy, was first introduced through his YouTube channel, where he uploaded her cooking video, but last was when she was sleeping in her bed dead, which was entitled 'She is Still Sleeping'.

Timothy Birmingham's partner was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2006, and he revealed that she wanted to be in control of that. She wanted to do her own research regarding the cancer. She wanted to take a natural health path. And during the 10-year period, she refused to be treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy too, because she thought it would kill her.

Timothy Birmingham's partner had cancer. celebsindepth.comTimothy Birmingham's partner had cancer.
Image Source: This Morning YouTube

And the surprising thing is that her tumor had reduced so much that it was not seen in any of the scans. However, the tumor returned after five years. They had made lots of changes in lifestyle and diet, and tumors came back, so it was not worthy at all. On April 21, at 4:40 am, 2016 his better half peacefully passed away.

She was in her bedroom six days after her death. As per him, they developed their own spiritual belief system, picking the best bits that they thought from Buddhism, paganism, North American, and Indian traditions. He did this so that he could make sure they were together before and after her death.

His revelation in several interviews on the internet showed how much he had loved his partner and how much he was affected by her death. He has given several interviews where he has profusely revealed how his woman fought cancer and was not afraid of death. They seemed to have a great relationship with each other.

A Discussion on Timothy Birmingham’s Woman’s Death

Reddit users have had several discussions even today after Timothy Birmingham's partner, Wendy, died, especially regarding the video he shared.

Timothy Birmingham's last video about his woman was entitled 'She is Still Sleeping'. celebsindepth.comTimothy Birmingham's last video about his woman was entitled 'She is Still Sleeping'.
Source: Instagram

In a YouTube video entitled 'she's still sleeping', first we get the glimpse of daily vlogs. And he even shows the time, which was 12 o'clock. Until then, he and even we viewers thought it was a normal fun vlog until we found out the actual truth. He either realizes in the video or in the following video on the YouTube channel that she has died. His comment section showed that he was getting hateful, and even bullied regarding the video. And on Reddit, one user said,

Handicapped man is getting relentlessly bullied on YouTube. Reddit, let’s show him some love.

Another Reddit user added:

In another video, he describes how he heard her choking that night and assumed she was just coughing. The hardest part is when he admits he feels terrible since he could have saved her.

It looks like not all people hate him. People on Reddit have shown so much love towards him and have even asked to show love towards the old man, as he has been through a lot losing his better half . Someone replied, It's easy to be cruel to other people from the comfort of your keyboard. That man has a really innocent channel. He simply records himself eating and reviewing pop. He's not endangering anyone.

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