Rumors Suggest Brad Mondo Isn’t Single Anymore – While Brad Mondo has not made his new romance official, rumors suggest he might be seeing Sophia La Corte. 

Brad Mondo is an American hairstylist, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. Mondo, known for his hairstyling expertise and flamboyant attitude, has a large internet following. As a hairstylist, he has demonstrated his skills through a variety of tutorials, suggestions, and transformations, earning the admiration and trust of his audience. Aside from his hairstyling skills, he has dabbled in entrepreneurship, using his influence to launch products and initiatives in the beauty market. His contributions to the beauty and entertainment industries have cemented his reputation as a prominent figure in pop culture.

His instructive information on hairstyling techniques greatly increased his status and credibility within the beauty sector. In recent days, Brad has been posting a lot with a girl named Sophia La Corte, and this has led to several speculations and comments that are full of asking if they are together.

Are Brad Mondo and Sophia la Corte Together?

Brad Mondo has not officially revealed having a girlfriend, but rumors suggest he is dating Sophia La Corte in 2024. He and his rumored lover, Sophia La Corte have been sharing several posts together on Instagram, and fans soon started commenting on the posts. They are in Paris together, and fans are calling it their date. If you check out their Instagram posts, most of them are all about them, so no wonder fans will show interest in their relationship.

Brad Mondo gives a candid shot with Sophia La Corte. celebsindepth.comBrad Mondo and his rumored lover, Sophia La Corte.
Image Source: Instagram

You might know Sophia La Corte from the Halley McGookin and Sophia La Corte drama, as there were speculations that she was dating Halley’s ex-boyfriend. Sophia is a social media influencer living in New York City. As a creator, she gained popularity on TikTok, where she shared beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos and grabbed several viewers.

However, you might be well aware that Brad is gay, so we cannot conclude that he is dating a girl. There is no official confirmation of him having a romantic relationship with Sophia. And fans are even asking if he turned out to be straight and started liking girls. One user commented saying;

Don’t care if you are gay or not. I’m gay-bi, and if I fall in love with a woman, that’s my own business. Even if I’m more likely to fall in love with a man. In the end, no one should care who you fall in love with; just mind your own business.

So as of now, we are not sure if Brad has a soulmate or not, and the rumors regarding having a relationship with Sophia have not been addressed at the moment. It’s not that they have not seen the comment section; maybe they don’t care about the rumors and are enjoying their adventure in Paris.

A Look at Brad Mondo’s Romance List

Well, if you have been wondering about Brad Mondo’s list of partners that he has dated, there is no information. He is a really private person, and he has not shared having any soulmates in the past.

Brad Mondo is private regarding his romantic relationship. celebsindepth.comBrad Mondo is private about his romance.
Image Source: Instagram

Maybe he had someone before coming out as gay, but he has not shared this information with the public. The popular hairstylist, YouTuber, and businesswoman have not revealed any information regarding their relationship. So at the time of writing, there is no information about his current romance or his list of ex-lovers.

Does Brad Mondo Have a Male Lover?

Brad Mondo has come out as gay, but he has not revealed having a boyfriend either. He fearlessly shared his coming-out story in a YouTube video titled ‘My Coming Out Story’ in 2018, at the age of 16, expressing himself frankly about his journey and experiences with his sexuality. So no fan’s curiosity regarding him dating a boy is justified.

Despite his openness about being gay, Mondo has kept his romantic life pretty secret, with little information available about his current relationship status. We are currently unaware of him having any soulmates in a romantic relationship.

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