After Weight Gain and Weight Loss, Alicia Keys Feels Positive – Alicia Keys has undergone weight loss, but her weight gain can’t be ignored, which was a few years ago. She had belly fat, and now she advocates for and motivates people to feel positive about all body types.

Alicia Keys is a well-known American singer-songwriter, pianist, and actress who rocketed to popularity in the early 2000s. She had exceptional musical talent from a young age, obtaining extensive classical piano training before mixing it with her passion for R&B and soul. Her CD Songs in A Minor made an explosive launch in 2001, receiving critical acclaim and significant commercial success. Her unusual voice, heartfelt lyrics, and piano abilities immediately positioned her as a major singer in the music industry.

She has been a significant personality in the music industry for about three decades. And fans have related to her in every aspect, be it her career or her body. Although now she has undergone a weight loss and looks she wasn’t the same, her weight gain was the most gossiped about topic. After her recent appearance in the red dress at the Super Bowl, fans can’t stop talking about how good she has been, and her weight gain back in the year is what most people have wondered.

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Alicia Keys Had a Weight Gain That Showed Her Belly Fat

You may recall the time when Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys) had a little bigger body figure due to weight gain. Her appearance was most talked about, especially her body, and no doubt you haven’t noticed it as it was discussed all over the internet, including Instagram. Although she has shed weight now, she was judged and trolled for her weight gain back then.

As a singer, Alicia Keys had always maintained a stag appearance, while her weight gain was quite visible, especially her belly fat and her face fat. She had a bit bigger frame, which even affected her performance as a well-known singer as it degraded her confidence due to judgment from people.

After weight gain, Alicia Keys has undergone weight loss. celebsindepth.comAfter weight gain, Alicia Keys has undergone weight loss.
Source: Instagram

Talking about the weight gain issue in this industry, Alicia Keys said that we have many emotions regarding our bodies. We go through a lot, mostly judgment and overthinking. Then we’re like, ‘Well, maybe something’s wrong with us,’ because we hold other people’s opinions in such high regard. What she said truly shows how women are body shamed and judged for weight gain, and they are pressurized to undergo weight loss.

However, in recent years, we could only notice her weight loss, and this has drawn more attention, especially from the people who commented about her weight gain. Alicia Keys said that she feels lovely to feel happy about your body, but it’s also fine that you don’t look like everyone else, or that you look different, or you have a different form of this, or your legs are thicker, or your breasts are larger, or your breasts are smaller, or whatever the thing is.

Alicia Keys Feels Positive About All Body Types After Her Weight Gain and Weight Loss Journey

As a major figure in the music industry, Alicia Keys must place a high value on her mental and physical health, and her body keeps fluctuating between weight loss and gain. Obviously, as a kid and as a young woman, it is not as easy to know that, but she knows that now. She also stated that she has always liked her curves over anything else, which she considers to be quite lovely. She now adores a stunning booty and all things curvy.

Alicia Keys encourages people struggling with weight gain. celebsindepth.comAlicia Keys encourages people struggling with weight gain.
Source: Instagram

Alicia Keys, like many of us, has found herself scrolling through social media, caught up in a continuous stream of seemingly beautiful bodies, looks, and lifestyles on her page. The singer is now using her platform to discuss the risks of considering Instagram as truth, as well as the significance of preserving your body image. We all believe that if our stomachs aren’t the flattest, our skin isn’t the smoothest, or our faces aren’t the clearest, we’re not beautiful, but this isn’t the  case, Keys stated.

Keys is currently promoting her latest collaboration with fitness company Athleta, which focuses on showing how beautiful we all are in our differences. Instead of going to the gym to create more content to share, she does it for herself. She enjoys working out because it makes her feel good, not because she can’t wait to post a selfie.

Rather, her journey from weight gain to weight loss makeover is a concerted effort to live a better lifestyle that includes a structured exercise routine and a mindful diet. Keys follows a five-factor diet plan that focuses on calorie restriction and avoiding meals heavy in fats, oils, sugars, and breads. Alicia Keys also pays great attention to the quality of her skin and is aware of how her food influences it.