Amber Lancaster’s Boyfriend: New Guy She Went Instagram, Official!

Amber Lancaster has recently gone official with her new boyfriend, Matt, through Instagram. She shared a reel where both of them were enjoying each other’s company at the Stagecoach festival. There is no more information about Matt yet, but people are hoping to know more about their relationship soon.

How often do you plan vacations? Do you prefer to go to a festival for vacation? With whom do you prefer to go out: a partner or a friend? Have you attended the Stagecoach Festival? Did you check out the latest post by Amber Lancaster? She looked a blast in a black outfit at Stagecoach Festival.

Amber has recently posted a series of pictures and a short reel with her new boyfriend from Stagecoach Festival. The model was twinning with her boyfriend in an all-black dress. She also thanked Stagecoach for the invitation and called the day to be on her memory list.

After seeing the chemistry between Amber Lancaster and the new guy, people are wanting to know their relationship timelines. Who is the new guy? What is his name? Is he Amber’s new boyfriend? In this article, we will be discussing her love life and her personal life detail. To learn more about her boyfriend, read this article.

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Amber Lancaster Went Instagram Official With Her New Boyfriend Matt!

Amber Lancaster (@amberlancaster) shocked her fans by going Instagram official with her new boyfriend, Matt. The couple is guessed to have been dating for months, but the exact date and relationship details have yet to be discussed by the American model herself.

Amber Lancaster is an American model, actress, and interior designer. She has been involved in modeling and pageants since she was a teenager and has also won the title of Miss Washington Teen USA. After winning the title, she joined the cheerleading squad of the Seattle Seahawks football team, the Sea Gals. Her breakthrough came when she played the role of Jenny Swanson on MTV’s The Hard Times of RJ Berger.

From working as a cheerleader to becoming a well-known face in the entertainment field, Amber Lancaster has faced many ups and downs in her life, not only in her profession but also in her personal life. She also faces many medical conditions, including preeclampsia and a hysterectomy. She is as transparent as clear water to her fans, and fans love to see her happy and support her in every condition.

Picture of Amber Lancaster and her boyfriend Matte during Stagecoach Festival.Picture of Amber Lancaster and her boyfriend Matte during Stagecoach Festival.
Source: Instagram

People are shocked to see Amber Lancaster’s recent post with the new guy. While people are guessing she is with her ex-boyfriend Shane Mouser, she gave a big surprise by introducing her new boyfriend Matt through her Instagram. Many of her fans are happy to see her living her life to the fullest, but as everything can’t be just too perfect to be true, she has also been facing many criticisms for her decision.

Well, Amber is in a relationship with a dirt biker guy called Matte. According to his profile, he loves riding bikes and often posts Moto vlogs. More information about the guy is yet to be disclosed, but the reel Amber posts say that both of them are in love with each other and are living their lives to the fullest.

Fans are wondering to know more about the new guy, and as we can notice, the comments are flooding with questions. Let’s hope Amber Lancaster won’t leave her fans in confusion for long, and respecting her privacy, we hope to know the details of their relationship soon.

Amber Lancaster Was Previously Married to Her Boyfriend, A.J. Allodi!

If you are a follower of Amber Lancaster, you might have known about her past life. The American actress has failed to save many relationships before. Do you know she has been married before and shared a son with her husband? What is her husband’s name? Why did they divorce?

Amber Lancaster was married to A.J. Allodi.Amber Lancaster was married to A.J. Allodi.
Source: Pinterest

Amber was married to her long-term boyfriend, A.J. Allodi, on October 7, 2017, in Palm Springs. The pair shared a son, Russ, who was born in 2019. After the birth of Russ, people noticed that the pair stopped going out together and didn’t post about each other, and soon their separation news came out in September 2020. The reason was never discussed, but they seem to be in touch with each other for their son’s co-parenting.

A.J. Allodi is the businessman who is also known as the Director of Sales, West Coast, at PanoScape. Before working for West Coast, he used to work as a sales officer at Hofseth North America. He completed his bachelor’s degree from Miami University in 2005.