Jordan Poole’s Girlfriend in 2023: Rumors With Kim Cruz!

Kim Cruz is said to be Jordan Poole’s girlfriend as of 2023. Although they have not confirmed anything about their relationship, people believe that they have been dating since late 2021. After Kim was seen wearing his t-shirt, rumors started to flood all over the internet.

Jordan Poole has recently been criticized for his words. What did he say? Why are Draymond Green‘s fans offended by him? Was he joking, or did he give a fact-check statement? Did you know about the incident between Poole and Jordan in October? Why was Green harsh to Poole? In October, Green punched Poole in the face at practice, which impacted their relationship. Before the incident, they were known as the closest friends, but now he states that Draymond Green’s relationship is just business. It looks like the player is on the wrong path, and both of them have created negative feelings towards each other.

After the incident, people are now trying to learn more about the NBA players in real life. Do you think he is soft or harsh? In this article, we will be talking about his personal life and dating history. To know more about Jordan Poole’s girlfriend in 2023, read this article.

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Jordan Poole Is Rumored to Be Dating His Girlfriend Kim Cruz in 2023 After She Was Seen Wearing His Shirts!

As of 2023, Jordan Poole (@jordan_poole) has not confirmed having any girlfriends. People believe that he has been dating TV host Kim Cruz since October 2021, but the news is yet to be confirmed. Besides Kim, he has also been linked with American sports journalist Malika Andrews.

Jordan Poole is rumored to be with his girlfriend, Kim Cruz.Jordan Poole is rumored to be with his girlfriend, Kim Cruz.
Source: Instagram

Jordan Poole is an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association. He was involved in basketball from his schooling days, and for the game, he traveled to Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Drake, and Marquette as a blue-chip high school basketball recruit. He came to fame after he was drafted 28th overall in the first round of the 2019 NBA draft by the Golden State Warriors.

Jordan Poole was able to gain his fan base from his school days. He has more than 2.2 million followers on Instagram. People are interested in learning about his daily life activities. What is he currently doing in his life? Who is his biggest support system? Is he dating someone? Poole has never been a public person when it comes to his personal life. His girlfriend’s topic has always created a question mark on the internet, and no one knew much about his past relationships. He has been linked with many celebrities and known faces until now, but none of this has ever been confirmed.

Well, since 2022, Jordan Poole has been rumored to be dating a Philippines artist Kim Cruz. Their dating rumors started appearing in the headlines after Kim was spotted wearing Poole shirts in October 2021. People believe the pair are dating in a low-key way, but it looks like they are not perfect at hiding their relationship from the media.

Kim Cruz (@kimcrooz) is a popular blogger and artist from the Philippines who was born in 1997. She is also an Instagram influencer who has more than 431k followers and is known for her lifestyle and travel reels. She began her career as a TV host and later joined an art gallery to pursue her passion for art. The pair were also seen together at multiple games. Kim was seen cheering her rumored boyfriend Jordan Poole at his game many times. People are hoping to hear good news from the couple soon and let’s hope they will be clear about their relationship details soon. So, till then let us provide some privacy.

Was Jordan Poole in a Relationship With Malika Andrews? Who Is She?

This is not the first time Jordan Poole has been rumored to be with someone. Previously, he was also linked with many celebrities, and one of them was Malika Andrews. The pair were rumored to be together after Malike was seen having a good talk with the basketball player. The interview is still on the YouTube channel, and if you go through the video, you might see some spark and start doubting the rumors.

Picture of Jordan Poole with Malika Andrews.Picture of Jordan Poole with Malika Andrews.
Source: Twitter

Malika Rose Andrews is an American sports journalist and reporter. She started working in her teens when she joined her maternal grandfather’s civil rights law firm. She came to fame after becoming the host of NBA Today, which replaced The Jump, and is known as the first woman to host the NBA Draft. As of now, she has made her name as a popular American sports journalist and reporter.