Barbarians Netflix – Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer and Other Details

No matter what happens in the world, one thing you can be assured of is a weekly drop of Netflix trailers. This week Barbarians Netflix series got a minute trailer treatment, which all but sold the show to the masses who enjoyed the action-packed first trailer with a fresh cast.

Based on a historical clash between the forces of the Roman Empire and Germanic Warriors who halted the massive empire’s progress. The show is set for a fall release date, and for people who got a sense of deja vu watching the trailer, we will explain why.

Barbarians Netflix Cast – Largely German Speaking Ensemble Cast

Barbarians Netflix series features a large ensemble German cast.Barbarians Netflix series features a large ensemble German cast.
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The story is based on a historical battle, which happened in Germany and to recreate the story, the show is filled with German-speaking cast. This is the third original massive story Netflix is bringing from Germany this year after Freaks: You’re One of Us and Biohackers.

The cast of Barbarians Netflix is lead by Laurence Rupp who stars as Arminius, according to IMDb. Gaetano Aronica plays Varus, Jeanne Goursaud plays Thusnelda, David Schutter plays Folkwin Wolfspeer, Bernhard Schutz plays Segestes, Eva Verena Muller plays Armina, Sergej Onopko plays Hadgan, and Bence Ferenczi plays Berulf Buddy Y.

The Barbarians cast is primarily German. There are other nationalities in the cast, but the show is about the German hold against the Romans so authenticity, to an extent, is what the creator of the show is aiming for.

Steve Saint Leger, the second unit director of hit History Channel series Vikings, is directing two episodes of the show. Producers of Barbarians, similar to the cast, is primarily German.

Barbarians Netflix Plot Details – What is the Series About?

Barbarians Netflix is based on a historical battle between German warriors who stood against the expanding Roman Empire. Roman empire, the largest empire in history, was dominating everywhere, but in the jungles of Germany, they met resistance like never before.

According to Netflix, “Three people’s fates are interwoven in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 A.D., during which Germanic warriors halt the spread of the Roman Empire.”

Is the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest Real?

Yes, the Barbarians Netflix series plot is extrapolated from real events that happened in 9 A.D. According to Roman historical records, The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest is also known as the Varian Disaster.

The Roman army was betrayed by one of their own when one of the Roman army’s auxiliary joins forces with the Germanic warriors and uses their tactics against them.

In Barbarians, the traitor of the Roman army is played by Laurence Rupp. He plays Arminius, a soldier in the Roman army who got Roman citizenship, learned the army tactics, and then betrayed the legion on the battlefield.

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The events of the battle are still the stuff of legends, and the battle between the two forces is still remembered in Germany. German warriors fought against three legions of the Roman army and their auxiliaries. You can rest assured Barbarians Netflix series, and its amazing cast is going to do the legend justice.

Barbarians Netflix Released Date and Trailer – A Fixed Late October Release

Along with the trailer for the show Barbarians Netflix let the world know that the historical series is coming to the streaming platform on 23 October 2020. October is a little light in terms of exciting shows and movies for Netflix, but it appears Barbarians is carrying the tentpole mantle for the month.

Netflix also mentioned that the show is going to be shorter in format. With only six episodes commissioned, the series will be a quick stream for the later weekend of October.

Barbarians Looks Just Like the Opening Battle of Gladiator

For people who watched the one minute trailer for Barbarians were probably struck with a sense of deja vu. That is because the battle between the Roman soldiers and Germanic warriors looks similar to Gladiator‘s opening fight scene, starring Russell Crowe.

The Oscar-winning movie also featured a battle between the Roman empire and the Germanic tribe, but the time period is a little different. Barbarians Netflix series is set in 9 A.D. while The Gladiator is set in 180 AD and away from the Teutoburg Forest.

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We were struck a little by the German warriors’ dress and gears, and it was a single similarity between the two properties. There are definitely differences between the two productions, but the headgear German-fighters were wearing looked distinct.

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