Blue Eye Samurai: Is Any Actor, Character Gay or Related to LGBTQ?

Blue Eye Samurai misled viewers, leading many to believe that Mizu might be gay or related to the LGBTQ community. However, she is a woman, and to those wondering if anyone, either a character, cast, or actor playing the voice, is gay, George Takei, who plays the role of Seki, is gay.

Even if you are not usually a fan of animation, the cast of Blue Eye Samurai should make you look their way. This Netflix‘s animated series follows Mizu, a multi-racial warrior who has mastered the art of swordsmanship and has embarked on a mission of revenge in disguise.

It has already piqued the interest and affection of reviewers and fans alike, and its success can be attributed in part to the cast. There has been a lot of discussion regarding the LGBTQ plots and whether any character in the show, Blue Eye Samurai, is gay. So let’s find out the truth.

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Find Out if Any Character From Blue Eye Samurai Is Gay or Related to LGBTQ!

One of Blue Eye Samurai‘s many delights, and it is a great pleasure to see, is its frequent fight scenes and Mizu, who has created many fans and also led many to believe that she might be gay. She is a legendary warrior with nearly superhuman abilities who can take on entire armies on her own, slashing through trained guards and hired muscle with the ease of a hot knife sliding into warm butter.

Her appearance on Blue Eye Samurai has led a Reddit user to have a discussion, saying that he or she is curious if anyone else experiences significant gay panic when they see Mizu on TV. Mizu (Maya Erskine) is a soft-spoken, biracial swordswoman who is hell-bent on killing the four white men who were in Japan at the time of her birth.

One of Blue Eye Samurai's characters, Mizu, is mistaken for being gay. celebsindepth.comOne of Blue Eye Samurai‘s characters, Mizu, is mistaken for being gay.
Source: Reddit

Mizu, a multifaceted character, is a female warrior who wears masculinity to conceal her dishonor in the past and her blue eyes. She’s out for vengeance, armed with swords she made with the help of the swordmaker. Anyone who looks past her colored spectacles can see Mizu’s mixed-race roots, and she intends to kill whichever European guy is responsible for her existence, which has been marked by tremendous discrimination and racism since she was a youngster. Mizu, as she reveals to one of her opponents early in Blue Eye Samurai’s first season, is looking for fulfillment rather than redemption, happiness, or peace.

It’s been incredibly gratifying and interesting hearing people watch the program now and think about what Mizu could identify as because she lives in a time when people don’t necessarily have a vocabulary to explore her gender. That’s incredible, referring to Mizu as she or they. As per Hollywood Reporter, when people were reading the first episode, the shows creator made sure it was a misleading read.

Mizu’s gender is first revealed, leading to speculation that she is gay. They put in a couple of them since they wanted the reader’s experience to be a surprise at the end because they never saw it coming. The reader would have to deal with their own prejudice that well, clearly, anyone who’s this badass must be a guy. While the first episode does not provide the same feeling, it was one of the reasons people thought it was worth reading. They may have had to deal with their own misunderstanding during the read because they didn’t realize she was a woman until the very last page.

The series, Blue Eye Samurai, has already received praise for its treatment of mature issues as well as its art style’s animation. If you are an LQBTQ supporter and relate to them, you will definitely enjoy the show.

Blue Eye Samurai’s Voice Actor, George Takei, Who Plays the Role of Seki, Is Gay!

Blue Eye Samurai on Netflix has already gathered several viewers, wondering if anyone, either a character, cast or actor playing the voice, is gay. The ability to use animation to alter action scenes and persuade the audience to suspend disbelief allows the program to create magnificent imagery and push the outstanding voice actors beyond their physical limits, so is anyone gay?

George Takei, the voice actor on Blue Eye Samurai, is gay. celebsindepth.comGeorge Takei, the voice actor on Blue Eye Samurai, is gay.
Source: Variety

Although many consider Mizu gay, she is not. As an adult, she has disguised herself as a guy in order to exact her revenge—an act that women are not culturally permitted to perform. Talking about any actor playing the voice actor George Takei, who plays the role of Seki, is gay.

In an edition of Frontiers magazine, George Takei announced that he is gay and has been in a serious relationship with his partner, Brad Altman, for 18 years. Takei and Altman announced their wedding date on May 16, 2008. They were the first same-sex couple in West Hollywood to file for a marriage license.