Seki From Blue Eye Samurai: Meet Actor George Takei!

Seki is the guardian figure of Princess Akemi in Blue Eye Samurai. Although his role was for shot time, he is remembered for his loyalty. Well-known actor George Takei is cast as Seki.

Blue Eye Samurai is a new Netflix animated series. This animated series follows Mizu, a multi-racial warrior who has mastered the art of swordsmanship and has embarked on a mission of revenge in disguise. She, like Mulan, disguises herself as a man to get revenge on those who have rejected her. The ability to use animation to alter action scenes and persuade the audience to suspend disbelief allows the program to create magnificent imagery and push the outstanding voice actors beyond their physical limits.

Despite the fact that many of the actors in Blue Eye Samurai are better renowned for their live-action performances, the cast delivers some of their best work to date in the animated period piece. One of the well-known characters is Seki. So let us get into detail about him and the actor who plays the character.

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In Blue Eye Samurai, Seki Is the Guardian Figure of Princess Akemi!

If you’ve seen the teaser for Blue Eye Samurai, you may have noticed George Takei, who plays the role of Seki. The Show Warrior is a Japanese film set during the Edo period that follows a mixed-race warrior named Mizu on a mission for vengeance against the man who impregnated her mother years before.

Seki is Princess Akemi‘s guardian figure, distinguished by his kindness and wisdom over the years. Akemi is the Tokunobe clan’s Lord Daichi‘s daughter. Daichi rose from poverty to become one of the lords and now aspires to a position and rank even higher. Akemi wants to be a free bird and marry her beloved, the well-known warrior Taigen. She attempts to persuade her father to let her marry Taigen, and after many no’s, she is finally permitted to do so.

Seki's role is shot, but he is known for his loyalty. celebsindepth.comSeki’s role is shot, but he is known for his loyalty.
Source: Netflix

When Taigen loses his first fight to Mizu, he flees to pursue the blue-eyed samurai and restore his honor by challenging Mizu to a rematch. Meanwhile, his disgrace results in the engagement being canceled. The princess begs her father not to revoke his blessings and approval for the marriage, but the damage has already been done.

Akemi ultimately recognizes her worth and gains the strength to take charge of her destiny and life. She empathizes with Takayoshi and makes him physically and emotionally fall in love with her. Everything changes when her father is shown to be an associate of Fowler, the white man organizing the coup against the shogunate. Fowler is eventually stopped, but not before the entire castle and city are destroyed.

During all these problems, Akemi’s loyal attendant, Seki, dies. Over the years, Seki has been characterized by his kindness and wisdom. Despite his feeble look and pleasant smile, Seki always acts in the best interests of the clan and is always willing to go the extra mile. This was a huge loss, as Seki was one of the loyal people towards Princess, and he was the one who raised her and had been there always. Although his role was for shot time, he is remembered, and his loyalty to the princess was unforgettable. And after his loss, Taigen reunites with her at this critical juncture.

Meet Actor George Takei, Who Plays the Character Seki!

George Takei is an actor well known for the Star Trek television series. He is a Japanese-American actor, author, and activist best known for his portrayal of Hikaru Sulu, the captain of the fictitious starship USS Enterprise, in the Star Trek television series and later films. And now, he plays the role of Seki in Blue Eye Samurai.

Seki is played by actor George Takei. celebsindepth.comSeki is played by actor George Takei.
Source: Metro UK

He lived through World War II. During WWII, he had several relatives living in Japan. He had an aunt and a baby cousin who both lived in Hiroshima and were killed in the atomic bombs that destroyed the city. After leaving the Tule internment camp at the conclusion of WWII, Takei’s family was left without any bank accounts, home, or family business; they were unable to find lodging and spent five years on Skid Row in Los Angeles.

The actor began his career in Hollywood in the late 1950s, providing English dubbing for characters in the Japanese monster films Rodan (1956, US: 1957) and Godzilla Raids Again (1955, US: Gigantis the Fire Monster, 1959). He has also participated in the television anthology series.

He was a California alternative delegate to the 1972 Democratic National Convention. He competed for a position on the Los Angeles City Council the following year, finishing second out of five candidates in a special election and losing by 1,647 votes. Until 2018, he was the chair of the Council of Governors of East West Players, one of the first Asian Pacific American theaters in the United States.

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