Has Bob Ryan Fixed His Dental Health?

Feb 29, 2024 @ 0:32 GMT-0500
Has Bob Ryan Fixed His Dental Health? celebsindepth.com

celebsindepth.com - No, Bob Ryan still has not fixed his dental health. Since his early career, he has had some serious dental problems. However, he appears to be unbothered by his condition.

Bob Ryan is an American sports writer and author best known for his coverage of basketball, notably stories about the Boston Celtics in the 1970s. He began his career as a sports intern at The Boston Globe on the same day as fellow journalist Peter Gammons, and he later collaborated with other well-known Globe journalists, including Will McDonough and Leigh Montville. He has been praised as a basketball expert and is often regarded as the ideal American sportswriter. He is widely regarded as the quintessential American sportswriter and a basketball guru because of his enormous knowledge and ability in the sport.

Over time, his participation in athletics has gained him a great deal of recognition. He has been on our screen for several years, and his appearance, especially his dental condition, has been a subject of discussion among many people.

Bob Ryan Does Not Seem to Be Bothered With His Dental Condition

It looks like Bob Ryan never intends to fix his teeth as they are still terrible, yellowish, and crooked. If you remember him since he appeared on our screen, you may have noticed his bad dental condition.

He was hired in the fall of 1969 to fill a gap on The Boston Globe's Celtics beat, and still today he has the same dental issues. Even though many people have been suggesting that he fix it, it looks like he is not paying attention.

Bob Ryan doesn't seem to be into the thought of fixing his teteh. celebsindepth.comBob Ryan doesn't seem to be bothered with his dental problems.
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Many people and even Reddit users have called out the 78-year-old sportswriter as an unhygienic person because of his bad dental health. Some have even criticized him across social media.

In recent years, Bob has been smiling very little; so less that some even wonder if he has gotten rid of his crooked teeth. However, not at all. He has not even cared to go to the dentist. He is insecure but hasn't shown any effort to fix it.

Is There Any Reason Why Bob Ryan Is Not Concerned About His Dental Problem?

Bob Ryan has never addressed what's wrong with his dental health. Of course, he also has not mentioned anything about not getting them fixed. Looking at his terrifying dental condition, fans suggested he consider going to the dentist.

On the same day that Peter Gammons graduated from Boston College, Ryan began his career as a sports intern at The Globe. Later, he collaborated with other prominent Globe sportswriters, like Will McDonough and Leigh Montville. Even though he was supposed to maintain his appearance, including his dental health, he didn't.

Bob Ryan smiles less due to his yellowish teeth. celebsindepth.comBob Ryan smiles less due to his bad dental condition.
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It looks like he doesn't care about what fans say about him and is only showing interest in his game. Also, it's not that, due to a lack of money, he didn't want to receive dental surgery or any kind of treatment. He earns very well.

Of course, many people have criticized him over the years. Taking to a Reddit discussion, one user wrote,

He always had terrible teeth on Around the Horn. I don't understand why he never had them mended or whitened; I'm sure he has the money.

In conclusion, it looks like he is never going to fix them. If not in his early or mid-career, not in his 70s either. Considering he is already 78 years old, there's a high chance we will never see him fixing his dental issues.

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