Burcu Biricik Husband 2021 - Fatma Star is Married for Over 4 Years! Get Details

Apr 24, 2021 @ 23:33 GMT-0500

Burcu Biricik has been in the Turkish movie and TV industry for over a decade. Now, she is starring in the Netflix series series Fatma as Fatma Yilmaz, introducing herself to the entire world. While further her career, the actress is also raising her son and living a happy life with her photographer husband in 2021. And here you will find all the details about her married life.

The Turkish actress was born on 4 May 1989 in Elmalı, Turkey. She lived her youth life in Antalya with her parents. And her first brush with show business came at a relative young age when Burcu took part in Miss Mediterranean competition and she won Akdeniz's beauty at the competition. This experience was enough to push the actress towards an acting route.

Burcu Biricik was 17-years-old when she first got a chance to appear in a TV show. Since 2007 the actress has appeared in over two dozen movies and TV shows. But Fatma will be another massive for Burcu, in her career, as it will be available all over the world via Netflix. So, with the world's attention on the Turkish actress, here is everything you need to know about her husband and family life.

Burcu Biricik Husband - Married for Nearly 5 Years

burcu-biricik-husband-2021Burcu Biricik is married to her husband Emre Yetkin in 2021. They have been together for over 8 years and married for nearly 5.
Image Source: Burcu Biricik Instagram

After getting her start in show business the actress slowly moved on to a career on the silver screen. She was starring in movies and coincidently she met her boyfriend around the same time her movie career was taking off. In 2013 she started dating a boyfriend and the romance soon evolved into deep love for one another.

In 2021 Burcu and boyfriend-later-husband are together for nearly 8 years and married for over four. It was a match made in heaven for the two love birds who found one another despite running in different circles. It was a coincidental meeting as her future husband was a mutual friend of her cousin.

Their first meeting ended in a "hello" as he was in a relationship she was also not available at the time but a few months later they met again and this time they were ready to get into a relationship. Dating started soon and then they stopped for a while only to resume it again realizing they were meant for one another. Considering everything, it has to be said, the duo made the right decision.

Burcu Biricik Got Married in July 2016 to Her Husband Emre Yetkin

Burcu Biricik is married to her husband Emre Yetkin in 2021. Emre is a photographer who first started dating Burcu in 2013. His first appearance on her Instagram page was on 12 January 2014. They were together having lunch in a restaurant and it was almost a confirmation of the two dating one another. Since then there have been numerous posts on both of their Instagram pages about their better halves.

About three years after they started dating the couple walked down the aisle and got married in a huge ceremony attended by hundreds of people. Their marriage took place on 30 July 2016 and soon after they were off to Bali for their honeymoon.

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You can multiple pictures of the husband and wife duo vacationing all over the world. While their careers keep the two busy, the married couple is down for an exciting adventure every now and then. Burcu's husband even made a movie about him and his wife and everything that has happened since they first met all those years ago.

In 2021 the couple is still married, so near to their 5th marriage anniversary. But eight years together has also strenghtened their relationship to the point that Burcu's husband is also her manager. And the couple is making their mind on having children, Burcu Biricik said in an interview that she wanted a son and better yet, she wants twins, one boy and one girl.

Burcu Biricik Plays Fatma Yilmaz in the Netflix Series Fatma

Fatma has been described as a punch in the gut by the head of Netflix programming in Turkey. A horror/thriller series that serves an allegory for life of a woman living in Turkey, the show comes from the minds of an exciting Turkish writer Ozgur Onurme. The trailer is creepy and it looks extremely enticing for a fan of horror genre.

The story of Fatma, according to synopsis released by Netflix reads, "Reeling from tragedy, a nondescript house cleaner embarks on a murderous streak as she searches for her missing husband and reckons with old wounds." The trailer is above and you and get creeped out by the series of murders, we definitely were.

Burcu Biricik plays Fatma Yilmaz in the Netflix series. Fatma Yilmaz is a house cleaner who is searching for her lost husband, Zafer. But things take a dark turn when Fatma commits a murder and then another one and the series of bodies start piling up for a troubled woman who is battling the world as well as old wounds in her memory.

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The terrifying Turkish show is premiering on 27 April 2021. The cast of Fatma is led by Burcu Biricik as Fatma Yilamz, with Mehmet Yilmaz Ak as Bayram, Ugur Yucel, Hazal TuresanGulcin Kultur SahinOlgun Toker and others appearing in various unspecified roles.

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