Nichole Holmes Husband – Marriage Or Mortgage Host was Married and Shares a Daughter with Her Ex!

Nichole Holmes is a real estate broker working in the Nashville, Tennessee area for over a decade now. She is the former Miss USA pageant contestant and current Netflix reality series Marriage Or Mortgage star. Nichole is also a mother of a five-year-old daughter whom she raises with her ex-husband.

Born on 30 March 1974, Nichole was raised alongside her sister in Illinois. She attended Southern Illinois University and during her sophomore year took part in the Miss USA Pageant 1995. Nichole won the 2nd Runners Up prize and was designated the most photogenic at the event held in Texas.

After finishing her education Nichole started a career in real estate. She is considered to be a fast seller in the Tennessee area and has a reputation for not listing selling homes at a reduced price. Nichole is a talented seller who from time to time takes her daughter to work. Beyond her professional career, here is everything you need to know about her husband, and other personal details.

Nichole Holmes Husband –  She was Married and Has a Daughter

nichole-holmes-husband-2021Nichole Holmes was married to her husband Ali Frazmand. They have a 5-year-old daughter.
Image Source: Nichole Holmes Instagram

A native of Illinois, Nichole Holmes moved to Nashville, Tennessee after finishing her education. There she started a career in selling houses and made a reputation for herself as a seller for luxury houses. Starting a career in Nashville also meant she started to put down roots in the city.

In Nashville, she met her husband Ali Frazmand. Ali is the proud owner of Printers Press, a printing company rooted in the city. He started to make an appearance on Nichole’s Instagram page around 2014 and the former Miss USA 2nd Runners Up was spotted wearing a massive diamond ring later in the year.

Nichole claimed it was just a ring and there was nothing to it. Soon she confirmed the engagement and then announced she was married to her husband Ali Frazmand. She let her followers know on Instagram with a hashtag “hitched” on 2 September 2015.

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She was also a little over five months pregnant at the time of the marriage. Maybe the impending birth of the child is what accelerated the marriage timeline between Nichole and her husband Ali. But the duo appeared to be happy about their conjugal and the arrival of their daughter.

Nichole and Ali welcomed their daughter a little earlier than scheduled. Little Arya Holmes Frazmand arrived about two months premature but after a short time in NICU, the family was able to take the newest member of the family home. Nichole celebrated the arrival of her daughter with a post captioned, “We are so SMITTEN!!!”

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After Arya came home it appears Nichole and her husband stayed together for a while. They went on vacations together and he was seen frequently on her Instagram page but starting from 2019 he started to disappear. It appears the couple separated as Nichole stopped wearing her wedding ring starting from 2019.

In 2021, Nichole posts frequently on Instagram with her daughter. Also, there does not appear to be a romantic partner in her life right now. She is happily living a peaceful mother-daughter life in Nashville while also preparing to be a Netflix star.

Nichole Holmes Co-Hosts the Netflix Reality Series Marriage Or Mortgage

Marriage Or Mortgage is the new Netflix reality series where two Nashville business owners try to get new couples to either buy a dream house or spend their life savings on a dream wedding. Whether the young couples decide to take a house or get married is going to be a lot of fun as fans decided themselves what they would choose in that position.

Nichole Holmes is a real estate agent who sells houses for a living and in Marriage Or Mortgage, she will try to pry away couples to invest in a house. Nichole is going up against Sarah Miller who is a wedding planner and is herself trying to sell a dream wedding package.

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The trailer for Marriage Or Mortgage shows different couples in a dilemma as Sarah and Nichole try to get their attention. From what we can tell, the show is going to be a lot of fun for people who love reality TV shows and the two ladies also seem to have formed a nice friendship over the filming period.

Netflix is releasing the new reality show Marriage Or Mortgage on 10 March 2021. Nichole Holmes and Sarah Miller will co-host the show with a few couples also joining the series.

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