Jenyne Butterfly Husband – Netflix’s Strip Down, Rise Up Star is Happily Married

An aerialist, US Pole Dance Federation champion, teacher, wife to her husband, and a mother to her son, Jenyne Butterfly wears multiple hats. Now she is adding another feather to her cap, Netflix documentary star, with an appearance in the movie Strip Down, Rise Up.

Jenyne Butterfly was born in May 1984 to her parents in Seattle. She first fell in love with the circus when started training with an aerialist in college. Then she witnessed pole dancing which piqued her interest, she is against strip clubs, but the art of pole dancing was so much more than just for the viewing pleasure of men.

She took up pole dancing and moved to Las Vegas at the age of 21. There she worked as a dancer and later won the first US Pole Dancing championship in 2009, coming in second at the nationals. Soon she was working at Cirque de Soleil alongside her future husband. And here is everything you need to know about the beautiful couple.

Jenyne Butterfly Husband – Married, a son, and a Daughter on the Way

jenyne-butterfly-husband-son-pregnant-daughter-2021Jenyne Butterfly is married to her husband Luis Perez. They have been together for nearly a decade and married for over one year.
Image Source: Jenyne Butterfly Instagram

If there is only one way to describe Jenyne Butterfly, it would be that she created her own way. Taking up pole dancing, joining the circus, creating a student body for herself, what she has done with her life and the skill she developed over years of callouses is not only commendable but also envious.

That is not to say that any of her achievements were easy, and she will say it herself, reaching where she is through hardship is what made it all enjoyable for her. Now she gets to teach something she loves, to other women, educates body positivity, and lives a happy life with her husband, son, and daughter who will soon join the family.

Jenyne Butterfly and her husband Luis Perez have been together for nearly a decade now. He got to see her become the woman she is today and Luis knows she has a wife who is one in a billion in this world. While the couple is together for a long time, they have only been married for a year and a half.

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Jenyne and her husband tied the knot on 19 May 2020 in Puerto Rico, surrounded by their friends and family. At the time of their marriage, the couple had been together for more than seven years and engaged for about 15 months. They met for the first time when Jenyne joined Cirque and two years after their first meeting, the couple welcomed their first child, son Angel.

Born in February 2014, Angel will be seven years old this year. He is the first child of the couple, with the second one on the way. Jenyne is currently pregnant and with the couple’s first daughter together. Luis has two older daughters from his previous marriage, and the Netflix star-to-be considers all to be her family.

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It has been an amazing journey for the couple who committed to one another in April 2018 when Luis popped the question. Over a year later they were husband and wife with a son and two daughters, and the family is only getting bigger this year when Angel becomes a big brother in March of 2021.

Jenyne Butterfly Stars in the Netflix Documentary Movie Strip Down, Rise Up

At this point, there is not a single topic that hasn’t been broached in a Netflix original production. Joining the ever-expanding library of the largest streamer in the world is the new documentary movie Strip Down, Rise Up, by acclaimed director Michèle Ohayon and starring Sheila Kelley.

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The show is about embracing the pole and taking pole dancing as a way to promote body positivity instead of just entertainment. Netflix’s synopsis reads, “In an effort to reclaim their bodies and lives, a group of women explore the intersections of movement and meaning in a powerful pole dancing program.”

Among the numerous ladies appearing in the documentary movie is Jenyne Butterfly. She will probably talk about her class and how she is teaching ladies online to dance on the pole and feel positive about themselves. Jenyne herself is an inspiration, so there is not much she has to do on the show.

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Still, Strip Down, Rise Up appears to be an emotional ride which is even more potent in a world struggling from the effects of COVID 19. The documentary film will be released on Netflix on 5 February 2021 with Sheila Kelley and Jenyne Butterfly starring.

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