Sarah Miller Husband – Wedding Planner from Marriage or Mortgage is Married and Has 2 Kids!

Sarah Miller is a wedding planner who has been working in Nashville, Tennessee for a few years now. Now she is bringing her talents to the Netflix reality series Marriage Or Mortgage as a co-host. And for those wanting to know about Sarah’s husband and other personal details, you have come to the right place.

The wedding planning company owner was born on 22 November 1972 to her parents. She was raised in Atlanta, Georgia where she watched her mother work as a home designer something that rubbed off on young Sarah. After finishing her education Sarah moved to Tennessee where she started a family and a business.

Owner of the Southern Vine & Co. Sarah has a thriving business in Nashville, Tennessee. Her wedding planning services are beloved with rave reviews on The Knot and starring in a Netflix reality show is only going bring more attention to Sarah and her work. The same goes for her personal life so let’s get to know her husband and beautiful family.

Sarah Miller Husband – Wedding Planner from Nashville is Married with Two Kids

sarah-miller-husband-decade-plus-2021Sarah Miller is married to her husband Chris B. Miller. They have been together for over 10 years and have two kids, a son, and a daughter.
Image Source: Chris B. Miller Instagram

Planning a wedding is a difficult task, the anticipation, the desire to make a lasting memory, and also planning a unique day is on everyone’s mind. More so it is the headache of the wedding planner and that is the career Sarah Miller has chosen.

Seeing other people get married is a proud moment for Sarah who wants others to experience the beautiful and complicated mess that is marriage. Sarah herself is married to her husband Chris B. Miller and they have been together for over a decade, something she shares is both beautiful and tough.

The couple recently celebrated 10 years of marriage. Their wedding ceremony was held on 25 September 2020, surrounded by their friends and family. And in 2018, celebrating their 8 years together Sarah wrote that no matter what anyone says marriage is tough.

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She explained, “Picture-perfect lives don’t exist and that is why I love my husband and the family we are raising. We love, we fight, we get annoyed by each other, we have been humiliated and been through many buckets of tears trying to figure out life but this unit we have created and we cherish every day!”

Sarah and her husband Chris also have two kids. Their eldest child is son Brae and daughter Atley and the family of four live in Nashville, Tennessee. The kids make appearances on their parents’ Instagram accounts from time to time. Sarah’s husband is dormant on social media but his account has more pictures of the kids and the family doing fun things.

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Sarah, her husband, and their kids will probably make an appearance on the Netflix reality series Marriage Or Mortgage. Sarah will probably talk about her kids finally going to school together now, which she found funny and dreadful but we will just have to wait and see.

Sarah Miller is the Wedding Planner in the Netflix Reality Series Marriage Or Mortgage

Marriage Or Mortgage is the new Netflix series hosted by Sarah Miller and Nichole Holmes. Sarah is a wedding planner and Nichole is a real estate agent. And in the show, they vie for the attention of young couples who will choose either to get a dream wedding or a dream home.

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Sarah Miller will present the young couple with the possibility of getting their dream wedding. Sarah and Nichole have formed a formidable friendship over the time they spent filming the show together. But within the show, they are keeping score on how many young couples they get to spend their savings on the duo’s businesses.

Announcing the show on her Instagram page, Sarah wrote, “Coming Soon! Something real, something fun, something fabulous. I promise you won’t want to miss what is to come with the fabulous @nlholmes3.Trashy fun, as some people are claiming in the comment section, is waiting for you all.

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Netflix is releasing Marriage Or Mortgage on 10 March 2020. Sarah Miller and Nichole Holmes are co-hosting the show and there are a few couples also joining the dynamic duo. So get ready to face the dilemma of what would you choose, a house or a dream wedding?

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