Acha Septriasa Husband – Married for 4 Years and a Daughter, All the Details!

It was a beauty pageant held in 2004 by teen magazine Gadis where Acha Septriasa got her start in the show business. Less than a year later she was playing a supporting role in a movie and starting her singing career. A decade and a half later, she is an established actress, married to her husband for over four years, and a mother.

Acha Septriasa was born Jelita Septriasa on 1 September 1989 to her parents Sagitta Ahimshah and Rita Emza in Jakarta, Indonesia. She has two older and three younger siblings, all raised together in Jakarta. Schooled in Jakarta the actress took her chance at the age of 15 and since then she has gone on to become the top 5 highest-paid actresses in Indonesia.

A multi-talented person, Acha Septriasa, has had chart-topping songs and box office hit movies. Her most recent film was the romance flick Layla Majnun which was picked up by Netflix to premiere on their platform. But before discussing the beautiful film, let’s dive into the personal life of the actress, married life with her husband, and other details.

Acha Septriasa Husband – Married to Her Husband Vicky Kharisma

acha-septriasa-husband-married-2021Acha Septriasa is married to her husband Vicky Kharisma for over four years. They were married on 11 December 2016 and have one daughter.
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A sought after actress in Indonesian cinema, Acha Septriasa has been in the eye of the public for a long time. And being a beautiful actress, the questions of dating was always there for Acha. According to Famous Birthdays, Acha dated her co-star Irwansyah.

While they may have dated for a little time, but according to the same outlet, the couple called it quits in 2008. After that, we could not find relationship rumors for the actress all the way to the point when she decided to get married to her husband.

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Acha Septriasa got married to her husband Vicky Kharisma on 11 December 2016. They have been husband and wife for over four years now, recently celebrating their fourth anniversary. The ceremony was a luscious affair attended by the couple’s friends and families.

Acha spoke previously about how meeting her husband was all timing. When she was not looking for love and focused on her career, right at that moment Vicky walked in and since the first meeting, the couple was head over heels for each other.

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Fans of the actress were also supportive of her choice of man. There are numerous comments on pictures of the couple on Acha’s official Instagram page and also her fan page. The lovebirds do look like they were made for one another, just look at this wedding video and cry your eyes out.

A little over nine months after their wedding, Acha Septriasa and her husband Vicky welcomed their first child. Their daughter Bridgia was born on 20 September 2017. Their three-year-old daughter is the only child of the couple. Little Brie appears on her mother’s Instagram page from time to time and Brie is looking more and more like her mother with each passing day.

Acha Septriasa Plays Layla in the Netflix Movie Layla Majnun

Layla Majnun is a story that has its own history in different Asian countries. Over the years there have been many iterations and reworking of the original poem of Arabian origin. The story of Layla Majnun has been referred to as the Romeo and Juliet of the East.

The poem has been made into songs, TV shows, and movies all over Asia. Now Indonesia is bringing its own version to the screen with Azerbijan set Layla Majnun. The film was released in 2020 and Netflix got the rights to show the romance flick on their platform right on time for Valentine’s Day.

Acha Septriasa plays the titular Layla in Layla Majnun. She is a scholar from Indonesia who gets the chance to go to Azerbaijan and there she meets charismatic Samir who is assigned to help her. Romance soon blossoms between Layla and Samir causing problems in Layla‘s life who has been betrothed to another man. Will their love win or promises come in the way? That is the story of Netflix’s Layla Majnun.

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Layla Majnun will be released on 11 February 2021, only on Netflix. Acha Septriasa leads the cast as Layla with Reza Rahadian playing Samir. Completing the romance triangle is Baim Wong who is also starring as Ibnu, the man who Layla is betrothed, and other supporting actors round out the cast.

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