Reza Rahadian Wife – Is the Layla Majnun Actor Married?

Reza Rahadian started his career in acting at the age of 17. Nearly two decades later, the actor is a heartthrob, an accomplished actor, and one of the most recognizable faces in Indonesia. Now Western audiences will come to know of the actor because of Layla Majnun, and there will be obvious interest in his personal life. So, does Reza Rahadian have a wife? Let’s dig in!

Born on 5 March 1987, Reza Rahadian started acting when he was in high school. By the start of 2004, he was acting professionally and getting awarded by reputed organizations. Instead of going the film route, Reza started to appear in Indonesian soap operas and flourished as a model.

Since 2007 he has appeared in over 50 movies and TV shows, becoming one of the sought after actors in Indonesia. While his career has been successful in Asia, the actor is getting a chance to showcase his talent to a larger Western market. So, before Layla Majnun is released on Netflix, let’s get to know Reza and if he has a wife.

Reza Rahadian Wife – Is the Indonesian Actor Married?

reza-rahadian-wife-detail-2021Reza Rahadian does not have a wife. Get all the details about his married/single life in 2021.
Image Source: Reza Rahadian Instagram

Being an actor who appears in soap operas and romantic movies, there are going to be people who are interested in the personal life of an actor. He is currently 33-years-old, and fans are looking to see if Reza Rahadian is married in real life.

He has been married, in a relationship, cheated on, and betrayed in various movies and TV shows, but people want to know if he has a wife in real life. The social media account of Reza shows the actor is well followed but except for promotional material you will find nothing personal on his Instagram page.

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We scoured his social media presence and article written about the actor but there was no sign of a wife or partner. There wasn’t even a sign of a boyfriend as the actor seems to be single at the moment. Most of his wives are in movies and TV shows.

He is currently starring in a show where Reza’s character, Arya, gets married to his wife, Inggit, played by Prilly Latuconsina. While his characters have been married in films and TV shows, the actor is single. He does not even have a girlfriend, to the best of our knowledge.

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Reza has numerous fans professing their love on his Instagram comment section. He is a good-looking actor which is why it is surprising that the actor is still single. The fact that he does not have a wife is a source of happiness for many single ladies.

While he has shared the screen with many good looking actresses over the years, we could not find a dating rumor for the actor. So, at this point, it is clear that the actor is single and he does not seem eager to start one any time soon. Marriage is a long way off at this point, but whoever becomes Reza Rahadian’s wife, will be one lucky girl.

Reza Rahadian Plays Samir in the Netflix Movie Layla Majnun

Layla Majnun is a story with origins from the early 5th to 9th century. The story follows a romance that has been labeled the Romeo and Juliet of the East. The story has been translated and rewritten by different authors in Asia with their own twists forming the core of the story.

Layla Majnun has been adapted multiple times in movies and TV shows. This Indonesian movie is only the latest iteration stemming from the sprawling romance saga. The movie was released in Indonesia last year and Netflix got the rights to show the film on their platform.

Reza Rahadian plays Samir in Layla Majnun. He is a worker plying his trade in Azerbaijan and someone tasked with helping Layla during her stay in the country. Soon Layla and Samir start falling for one another and their romance causes problems for Layla who has been promised to another man.

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The new Netflix movie will be released on 11 February 2021. The cast of Layla Majnun is led by Acha Septriasa as Layla and Reza Rahadian as Samir. Baim Wong is also starring in as the man who Layla is betrothed to and other supporting actors round out the cast.

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