Chris Godwin Girlfriend – Engaged and To Be Married, Get all the Details!

Chris Godwin played a big part in pumping the brakes on Aaron Rodgers‘s legacy year. He is now ready for the Super Bowl and Brady will surely be looking for the player to make a big impact. But the one person who will be cheering him on the most is his girlfriend turned fiance of over eight years.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Chris Godwin played for Middleton High School and later Penn State University. While he was considered an underdog to make the NFL, a strong showing at the combine resulted in multiple organizations being interested in the athlete. In the 2017 NFL Draft, Tampa Bay selected the wide-out in the third round with the 84th overall pick.

Over the past three years, the player has shown his potential and killer instinct. He may be on the move soon as free agency looms after the season is over. But no matter where he ends up, the work never stops and his support system never goes away. So, let’s talk about the long relationship Chris Godwin shares with his girlfriend, now fiance.

Chris Godwin Girlfriend – Engaged to His GF of Over Eight Years

chris-godwin-girlfriend-engaged-2021Chris Godwin got engaged to his girlfriend Mariah DelPercio on 12 March 2020. They have been together for over eight years.
Image Source: Mariah DelPercio Instagram

Chris Godwin and his girlfriend Mariah DelPercio first met in the early 2010s and started dating on 8 September 2012. That is the day the couples consider to be their anniversary. Recently in 2020 they celebrated their eight-year anniversary together and are going strong with each passing year.

The Pro Bowl athlete was only 15-years-old when he first saw Mariah, daughter of his high school football team. During a trip back from a football camp, Chris mustered the courage to ask Mariah’s father if it was okay to date his daughter. The coach gave his answer in the affirmative and so began the romance between Chris Godwin and his girlfriend Mariah.

Their romance started in high school and Chris going off to college at Penn State did not slow the couple down. She also went to Penn State where Mariah studied Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science. All through college, they were together and during Draft Day in 2017, she was sitting right beside him.

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To say Chris Godwin’s girlfriend turned fiance is his biggest supporter would be an understatement. Her Instagram profile, which reads miss Twelve, is filled with half fitness posts and another half with pictures of Chris. She also doesn’t miss an opportunity to remind people how underrated Chris was coming into the NFL.

Most people get into a relationship to get married and start a family together. And after eight years of dating, Chris knew he had the right person to spend his whole life with. So, during the 2020 offseason, Chris took his girlfriend down to Cape Town, South Africa, and during a beautiful sunny day popped the question.

On 12 March 2020, Chris took his girlfriend Mariah to Franschhoek where the NFL player feigned a good restaurant. The table was set for the couple on the outside patio and before they dug in to eat, Chris and Mariah went out to the lawn. She was admiring the surrounding, the beautiful mountains when Chris got on his knees and asked her to be his wife.

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Mariah detailed the event on her Instagram page by posting, “He grabbed my hand to turn me to face him & said he wanted to ask me something. Everything after that felt like time was standing still, it was surreal. “If there were people around, I didn’t see them”… Whatever is going on around us at any time, we can always find that sense of stillness between us because we’re right where we belong. & we have that forever.”

While the marriage date is not fixed yet, don’t be surprised if Mr. and Mrs. Godwin to be decided to take a trip down to Hawaii after he wins the Super Bowl and get married. They have been together for over eight years, engaged for close to a year, we all know wedding bells will be here soon enough.

All the power to the beautiful couple and we hope Chris and his girlfriend/fiance Mariah get married soon, then we can call them Mr. and Mrs. Godwin for real. But for now, both of their focus is on the Super Bowl and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Will The Bucks Use Franchise Tag on Chris Godwin After the Super Bowl?

From one of the worse teams in the NFL, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers now see themselves as one game shy of the Lombardi Trophy. Not a bad turnaround for the franchise within a year. With Tom Brady at the helm and numerous ring chasers making their way to the team, the Tampa front office will be busy this offseason.

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They have many players on single year contracts and players ready to hit the free agency market. One such player is Chris Godwin who averaged slightly over 70 yards per game this year. It was a comedown from last year’s near 100 average but Chris is an integral part of the team.

So, with the fourth year coming to an end Chris will be looking for a massive payday with his second contract. There is some interest around the player but Tampa may just decide to franchise tag the player if they cannot come to an agreement regarding a second contract.

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Being a third-round pick, the rookie pay was not particularly good considering the impact Chris has had on the team. So, it will be interesting to see if Bucs decide to reward the Pro Bowler or franchise tag him to set out on another Super Bowl run with Brady at the helm.

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