Samuel Cosmi Girlfriend - Washington Rookie's 2 Years+ Relationship with His GF in 2021!

May 2, 2021 @ 2:32 GMT-0500

Samuel Cosmi is an offensive line player who was selected in the second round by Washington Football team to protect their QB1. He is a former Texas Longhorns player and is coming into the NFL with a lot of upside/ potential to anchor the tackle position for the next decade. During the second day of NFL Draft, the player was watching it all unfold with his girlfriend and parents and here we will let provide you with some relationship details of the player.

Born on 16 February 1999 to his Romanian immigrant parents in Humble, Texas. His education took place in Atascocita High School where he started playing football and later was selected in the all district team and all state during his final year in high school. A three star recruit out of high school, the player was offered scholarship from multiple different universities he decided on attending University of Texas.

At University of Texas the big allure was coach Tom Herman for the player. He went on to play for the Texas Longhorns for three seasons and was second team All Big 12 in 2019. Samuel managed to get into the First Team All Big 12 in 2020 which caused the player to declare for the 2021 Draft. But most of that information is something you probably already know, so, here is everything you need to know about his girlfriend.

Samuel Cosmi Girlfriend 2021 - 2 Years and Counting

samuel-cosmi-girlfriend-2021Samuel Cosmi is dating his girlfriend Blair Westerlund in 2021. They have been together for over two years.
Image Source: Samuel Cosmi Instagram

Finding a love is a difficult task, sharing everything with a person that was relatively unknown is a tough task. Different quirks and conditions make it a minefield of issues and only through trust and understanding can one navigate all the issues. That is what Samuel Cosmi and his fellow University of Texas girlfriend had to deal with initially.

But through conversations and few awkward moments later they came to understand each other and now consider each other to be life partners. From a shaky start to now dating for over two years, going on three, the couple has come a long way and they are stronger moving forward because of all the trials and tribulations.

Samuel Cosmi Girlfriend - Dating Blair Westerlund for Over 2 Years in 2021

Samuel Cosmi is currently dating his girlfriend Blair Westerlund in 2021. They first met in 2018 when both of them attended the University of Texas. Both were student athletes, he played football for the Longhorns while she was recruited to play volleyball. She was following in the footsteps of her father who is also a Texas alumni.

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The couple met for the first time in 2018 and they started dating on 3 September of the same year. The announcement of their relationship came from Blair on her Instagram page when she shared a picture of the duo kissing. She captioned the picture, "I can’t tell you much about HIS315... but I can tell you about the boy who sat next to me."

On their one year anniversary Samuel wrote of his girlfriend, "One year with this beautiful girl! Blair, you have brought so much joy into my life. You have one of the most selfless, caring and loving hearts. You make me want to be a better man. I’m seriously the luckiest guy in the world. I love you, babe. Thank you for being you because you are truly amazing. Happy 1 year♥️."

Initial Growing Pains of their Relationship

While couple may have shown their happy selves on social media, the relationship initially was on the rocks. Samuel's girlfriend Blair was dealing with anxiety issues and she also had periodic panic attacks, and for Sam who did not believe in anxiety and though it was just in people's heads, the issues were difficult to deal with at first.

Blair wrote in her mental health blog about the growing pains of their relationship.  She wrote, "I couldn’t keep saying I was busy when I was really anxious. Sam grew up differently than I did. He didn’t know people who struggled with anxiety, so when I told him I knew it wouldn’t be an easy conversation." Samuel wanted to understand and it took time but he felt what it was like for her through listening and trying to comprehend how she was feeling.

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"Many people have the mindset (like me) that it’s fake. Now that I have a better understanding, I see that it’s real and people do struggle from anxiety. I still have a lot of learning to do, and I’m still trying to get a better understanding. However, I have an open mind, and always here for support," he contributed to the post.

That understanding brought their relationship to where it is today. Even as he prepares to go to the NFL and she has her life in Texas, a job as Registered Behavior Technician, the change in scenario and distance will probably not hinder their relationship. Samuel Cosmi and his girlfriend Blair Westerlund are looking to spend their lives together and this is all part of it.

Samuel Cosmi was Selected by The Washington Football Team in 2021 NFL Draft

With the 19th pick of the second round The Washington Football Team selected offensive lineman Samuel Cosmi from the University of Texas. He was a promising prospect and after some stellar test numbers a second round selection was in the cards. Now, he will put on the red jersey and represent the Washington franchise.

The draft was a long process for the player who always dreamed of making it in the NFL. He was at home watching with his family and girlfriend and they were telling him he was going to go soon. The player revealed during the press conference, "My girlfriend and my parents, they were telling me, ‘You’re coming soon, you’re coming soon." While it did come soon and Samuel will get to fulfill his dreams.

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The Quarterback situation is still up in the air for Washington as they recently signed free agent Ryan Fitzpatrick. But coach Rivers is still high on Kyle Allen for the QB1 job, no matter what the Washington offensive line will need the help of rookie Samuel Cosmi to keep the quarterback upright.

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