Is Trevor Lawrence Married? Girlfriend and Relationship Detail of the QB 2020

Ever since 2018 when Trevor Lawrence burst onto the national stage he has been talked about as the future of football. While he may be the future of football, without even being in the NFL yet, that is not stopping the player to secure his future. Trevor Lawrence is set to get married to the love of his life, his girlfriend Marissa Mowry.

Trevor Lawrence is the Quarterback for the Clemson Tigers, but you already knew that, and he won his first national title as a freshman. Things did not go as planned in the second season as Joe Burrow had other ideas about the final showdown between the two prospective future faces of NFL.

But through the highest of highs, winning a championship, to uncomfortable lows, one person has always been on the stands cheering him on. His girlfriend of over four years, Marissa Mowry, is his biggest supporter, so the question now becomes is Trevor Lawrence Married?

Is Trevor Lawrence Married – Relationship Timeline with His Girlfriend Turned Fiance

trevor-lawrence-married-marissa-mowry-2020-girlfriend-fianceTrevor Lawrence is not married, he is however engaged to be married to his girlfriend Marissa Mowry.
Image Source: Marissa Mowry Instagram

Trevor Lawrence and Marissa Mowry were both students at the Cartersville High School, located in Georgia. That is where the two started dating in May of 2016. After finishing high school both of them moved to South Carolina to attend college.

South Carolina and Clemson are where both of them credit their romance blossoming and reaching new heights. Both Trevor and Marissa played sports, she was a soccer player while Trevor torched defenses on the gridiron.

After the quarantine started Marissa’s final season as a senior was canceled due to lockdowns, while Trevor was a big supporter of making College Football happen. Even during this troubling season when Trevor also got infected with COVID, Marissa was by her side.

So, she is definitely a keeper, but Trevor probably knew that already, which is why he decided to get on one knee at the 50-yard line of the Clemson field and popped the question. Marissa revealed on Instagram that the couple was engaged and their friends were also there to celebrate the couple.

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As for the question of if Trevor Lawrence is married, the answer is he is not at the moment. But soon after the proposal, Marissa shared pictures of her with her friends and family, going to the bridal dress store to purchase a dress.

She also posted a picture with Trevor with the caption reading, “A future Mrs.” Well, engagement means you are one step closer to getting married but dress shopping and everything we have seen so far from the couple gives the impression that the special day is coming soon.

Trevor Larence may not be married yet but he will soon enough. Maybe he will declare for the 2021 NFL Draft, becoming the No. 1 pick, and then get married to his fiance as Baker Mayfield did. With everyone happy about their relationship the day Trevor and Marissa become husband and wife to one another does not seem far away.

Is Trevor Lawrence Coming Back for Another Year at Clemson?

After the freshman season when Trevor took the starting job and led the undefeated Clemson Tigers to the promised land, there were talks of him committing to the NFL early. The second season did not go as planned, and the third season was hampered by COVID, but it seems Trevor will be making his final bow at Memorial Stadium.

The player will most likely commit to the 2021 NFL Draft with him destined to go number 1 overall. While the Jets, who will most likely be on the clock first does not seem like a worthwhile destination, he can however take a page out of the Eli Manning playbook and get out of dodge.

A bad front line combined with a lack of help on the outside and an incompetent coach is not the right situation for a talented player like Trevor to be. Look at Joe Burrow, he had almost everything, with exception of a pass-protection and his career is already hampered by a season-ending injury.

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Still, there are some who think the player will come back for one more year become heading to the NFL. He spoke to Tom Rinaldi of ESPN about this season being his last at Clemson only to later backtracked. But from the words he was saying earlier this week, the player seems to be on his way out from the program.

Trevor said, “I know there is going to be a lot of emotion. Since I’m graduating in December, this is my senior night. All the guys here who have meant so much to me, my teammates, my coaches, friend, this place in general … it’s really changed my life being here. I’ve just been fortunate to be at a place like Clemson.”

“There’s a lot of hard work and a lot of commitment and a lot of fun that I’ve had here. So it’s all kind of come to fruition for sure,” he continued. Those words do not give a vibe that he is coming back to Clemson. Jets fans are probably licking their lips, and then there is Sam Darnold.

Well, whatever the case, Trevor has a great support system behind him. Trevor has a beautiful fiance with whom he might get married in the coming months. And he has the talent to shine anywhere he lands in the NFL, but please don’t go to the Jets.

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