Cedric Yarbrough’s Weight Gain: How Did the ‘Reno 911!’ Star Gain Weight?

Cedric Yarbrough has recently undergone a significant weight gain transformation as a result of his unhealthy eating habits. Additionally, the ‘Reno 911!’ cast also claimed that he started gaining weight since the Comedy Central show’s original run ended.

Cedric Percelle Yarbrough (born March 20, 1973) is an American actor and comedian best known for his role in ABC sitcom Speechless as Kenneth, Gerald Fitzgerald on the Netflix comedy Paradise PD, Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface on the Netflix comedy-drama BoJack Horseman, and Tom DuBois on the Adult Swim sitcom The Boondocks.

Cedric Yarbrough was born in the Minnesota town of Burnsville. He went to Burnsville Senior High School before attending Minnesota State University, Mankato. In addition, he attended Dudley Riggs’ Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis.

Yarbrough also appeared on the Comedy Central show Reno 911! as S. deputy (Sven) Jones, which aired on Comedy Central from 2003 to 2009. Reno 911! returned for a seventh season on Quibi in 2020, and for the eighth season on The Roku Channel in 2022. He also appeared in both feature films, including Reno 911!: Miami in 2007 and Reno 9111!: The Hunt for QAnon in 2021.

Previously, Yarbrough claimed that he became emotional when he realized how much weight he had gained since the show’s original run ended. Just like that, he seems completely unrecognizable in his current appearance with an overweight physique. So, did the actor really gain weight after the show Reno 911! ended? Let’s discuss the reason behind Cedric Yarbrough’s current weight gain and body transformation.

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Cedric Yarbrough’s Weight Gain: The Reno 911! Actor Started to Gain Weight After the Comedy Central Show Ended!

Cedric Yarbrough‘s (@cedricyarbrough) weight is something he’s never been in the news for before. That was because he was only in his late forties at the time. Yarbrough has always taken care of his body. But as he approached his fifties, he couldn’t keep up with his weight. He began to undergo weight gain in ways he had never experienced before, especially when he had nothing to do.

With his weight rapidly increasing and little to no changes in his diet or exercise habits, it didn’t take long for the Reno 911! star to realize his age was catching up with him and life was different when he could maintain his slimmer physique with relatively little effort.

Cedric Yarbrough’s youth days were when he didn’t have to think twice about eating pizza backstage after a Comedy Central show Reno 911! because it didn’t affect his health or weight. And how things have changed! He’s in his near fifties, and his body never failed to demonstrate. His anaerobic respiration is no longer what it once was. As a result, his eating habits have finally begun to have an effect on his body.

Cedric Yarbrough was not pleased with the changes in his body that had occurred as a result of his age. So, after gaining weight as a result of careless eating and a lack of a proper diet and workout regimen, The Speechless actor resolved to make a change.

To be fair, time had passed and he had to change with it. Good for him for not just sitting and doing nothing because it’s so much easier than getting up and doing something. Following his recent weight gain, Cedric Yarbrough stated that he began following fat advocates on Instagram in order to reconsider his perspective and that he has now reclaimed the term “chubby” for himself.

He believes he is worth far more than a lifetime of worrying about food, fitness, and weight. He sees himself as a beautiful, powerful human being who is defined by much more than his physical appearance.

Why RENO! 911 Is Still A Fan Favorite?

There were several factors that aided Reno 911! to stand out, especially because of its improvisational nature It stood out because, in most cases, only the basic plot outline of an episode is planned. The dialogue and banter between characters, on the other hand, were frequently improvised. This added a layer of hilarious realism to the mockumentary. Reno 911’s meta-element! was frequently mentioned, with characters complaining about how only their moments of ineptitude were highlighted.

Any good work they did, they claimed, was unfairly overlooked. This was a clever parody of ostensibly real programs like Live PD, in which Reno 911! was intended to be a parody. Those programs consistently portray law enforcement as conquering heroes battling rogue criminals. However, those reality shows have been chastised for being heavily edited and staged in order to elicit specific responses.

Reno 911! In any case, they flip the script, making their cops the reliable punchline. The cast’s chemistry tops it all off, as the ensemble has a great way of playing off one another. Popular actors, such as Jamie Lee Curtis (@jamieleecurtis) and Cedric Yarbrough, make cameo appearances, adding to the charm. It’s a show that has a history of resurfacing and returning, even after many years off the air, and this is due, at least in part, to the camaraderie among those involved with the project.

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